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 Bad Era Michael Jackson
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First of all the Michael Jackson ( bad Tour) I deleted becuz I couldn't think of Nothing sorry for that!!!! carry on with new story name Complicated !!!! Michael and Tatiana they been dating for 5 months now and Michael thinks Tatiana is cheat will see whats happens ?!

Michael wakes up at 6:00 in the morning just to get ready for work Tatiana still sleeping wakes up in morning cranky because she got her period oh well well back to Michael Michael sinabi " what's wrong with you?" Tatiana sinabi " well Michael I got my period to let u know" Michael sinabi " well I been thinking have u been sleeping...
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There he lived perhaps happiest years of his life. Create a haven for young and old, who eclipsed the complaints about what happened behind closed doors. But the fact is that he lived moments of joy there, as if it were still a child. Now «Neverland», in Michael Jackson's ranch in California, may become a public park that is visited sa pamamagitan ng his admirers around the world.

The idea of redemption belongs to the Council Parks and Recreation Management in the state. "In our plans is to obtain the most famous ranch, located in the County of Santa Barbara", "he sinabi a board member.

«Neverland» is an...
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Ok Last Night I Was Watching The News And I Saw That Their Was A Petition To Deport JB. Here Is The Link: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/deport-justin-bieber-and-revoke-his-green-card/ST1yqHJL

And At First I Didnt Believe It Untill I Went To The Website. Now It States That sa pamamagitan ng Feburary 22nd It Suspose To Have 100,00 Signatures So Of Course I Signed It. And The Petiton Has All 100,00 Signatures It Needed. And It Was For Many Reasons But The Main One Was That If I Was In Miami When He Was Racing His Car I Would Feel Like My Life Was In Danger Because He Was Under The Influence.

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