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This Michael Jackson litrato might contain vaulter, poste vaulter, and poste jumper.

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A week has now passed and it is the araw michael has to leave to go on tour. Alicia still has not spoken to Michael since their disagreement, which worries michael.

"Well looks like thats everything." Michael sinabi as he put his last suitcase on the tour bus. "Are you sure honey?" Diane asked as she stood outside the bus. Michael sighed, "Yep" Michael sinabi as he walked off the bus and gave Diane a hug and a kiss, then he gave Rose a hug and a halik and finally he gave little Abby halik on her forehead. "Bye Daddy!" Rose waved to him as he made his way back on the bus. "Be careful honey, dont...
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The HIStory / Blood on the Dance Floor Era, 1995-1999, was one of Michael’s busiest eras with two albums, his biggest world tour, some of the most expensive and stunning short films and a heavy media schedule.

At the end of 1994, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley made their first telebisyon appearance together at the MTV Movie Awards, where Michael collected an award for “Will You Be There”. Michael was soon back in the studio during 1994 to create his new album.

On the 23rd of February 1995 Michael gave a special prebiyu of some of the songs off the forthcoming album to the National...
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