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This Michael Jackson litrato might contain salaming pang-araw, dark glasses, and shades.

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"What?...Michael,what does he mean?My...parents...are...dead?...You...You killed...my...parents...?",she was saying hardly speaking..Michael saw her crying and down on her knees and this made him so angry and frustrated he hit Mark and released,then came to her.Mark let him go,thinking he can only make it worse.Michael changed into his human form and said:"Rose,I didn't mean to,it was an accident,I was trying to defend myself and I..."."You tried to defend yourself and you...you killed...my parents?",she sinabi shocked."Not only he put someone in danger in order to defend himself,he knew we were...
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the susunod day, patricia realized that shes at michael's house.

"michael, michael, where are u?? michael????" she yelled

"down stairs, at the kitchen" he yelled back.

"hey, thanks for letting me stay for the night, and sorry sa pamamagitan ng surprisingly sleep at your house."

"no prob. now, go, get ready. cause we are going to the studio a half an oras from now"

"but i dont bring any backup clothes."

"dont worry, i told my housemaid to buy you some clothes. they're on your bed"

"thanks so much"

after patricia get ready, they get going to the studio. at the studio, they immediately get to rehears. along the rehears...
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"Um Hi Mccala." Says Michael in a very nervous tone. I couldn't say anything I was speechless. "Mccala?" He asks. "Yeah?" I reply. "Are you going to say anything?" He asks. "Um yeah sorry." I reply nervously. Michael is still standing at the door. "Um Mccala?" He asks. "Oh I'm sorry come in." I reply letting him in. "Can I talk to you about the party?" He asks. "Ummm....ok." I said. "Mccala...I'm sorry I never meant for any of this to happen." I didn't halik her." "She kissed me." He starts to cry. "Oh...And don't cry Michael." I said. "Mccala It's her fault." "I hate her." Michael sinabi still...
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