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This Michael Jackson litrato might contain salaming pang-araw, dark glasses, and shades.

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The simple answer:
The trademark armband that Michael Jackson wears is a symbol of the suffering of children around the world.

Most of his outfits over the past 20 years have featured an armband tied around his right around halfway between the shoulder and the elbow.

1) Most online dictionaries define an armband as: A band worn around the upper arm, often as identification or as a symbol of mourning or protest. A subset of this symbolism is often an element of memorializing innocent victims.

2) Armbands are recognized around the world as a sign of safety and help. they’re commonly worn...
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Age 12, 1970:

MJ: I like dey legs big and I like them with pretty big eyes (laughs) and uh, let me see what else do I like about girls?
Brother: How about their personality, Mike? (laughs)
MJ: Yeah, I like their personality. That’s one thing I like about them.

Questionaire Answered sa pamamagitan ng Michael, 1970

The Qualities I Look For In A Girl Are:
Eyes, legs, personality.


MJ: I haven’t really had any girlfriends yet, but I’ll tell you what I’d like to find in a girl. She has to have a good personality. I wouldn’t want to go out with a girl unless I had talked to her for a while, seen what she’s...
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"The Way You Make Me Feel" is a song sa pamamagitan ng Michael Jackson. Released sa pamamagitan ng Epic Records in November 1987, it was the third single from Jackson's seventh studio album Bad. Written and composed sa pamamagitan ng Jackson, and produced sa pamamagitan ng Quincy Jones (and co-produced sa pamamagitan ng Jackson), the song is credited as being a pop and R&B song. The lyrics pertain to being in pag-ibig with someone. Aside from appearing on Jackson's Bad album, the song has also been featured on the first disc of Jackson's complication album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I in 1995, Number Ones in 2003, The Ultimate Collection in 2004, The...
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