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This time around I'll never get bit
Though you really wanna fix me
This time around you're making me sick
Though you really wanna get me
Somebody's out
Somebody's out to get me
They really wanna fix me, hit me
But this time around I'm taking no shit
Though you really wanna get me
You really wanna get me

He really thought he really had
Had a hold on me
He really thought he really had
They thought they really had control of me
He really thought he really had
Control of me
He really thought he really had
They thought they really could control me

This time around I'll never get bit
Though you really wanna get me
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Somebody killed little Susie
The girl with the tune
Who sings in the daytime at noon
She was there screaming
Beating her voice in her doom
But nobody came to her soon...

A fall down the stairs
Her dress torn
Oh the blood in her hair...
A mystery so sullen in air
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care,
Oh the blood in her hair...

Everyone came to see
The girl that now is dead
So blind stare the eyes in her head...
And suddenly a voice
from the crowd said
This girl lived in vain
Her face madala such
agony, such strain...

But only the man from susunod door
Knew Little Susie and how he cried
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His brother Michael Jackson, Jermaine, says he has evidence that the pop idol had been unjustly accused of pedophilia.

In particular, speaking about the case in 1993 and charges of sexual assault of then 13 taon old Jordan Chandler, sinabi that the kamakailan suicide of the child's father, Evan Chandler, is sufficient proof that it was all a conspiracy.

The Jermaine believes that the dentist who was found dead in his surgery on November 5, having shot herself in the head, committed suicide sa pamamagitan ng remorse. Speaking at an event the 54chronos said: "We had a lot as a family, the false charges against my brother since 1993 have cost us. The baby's father committed suicide because he could not stand anymore, and the child finally spoke about the matter and admitted the plot, Michael did not ever touched.
*The King Öf PoP Michael Jackson*
****Michael's FanPlaylist****
1).JoeysBabyGrl Black or white
2).Aerohead- Thriller
3).Jennifer02- Scream
4).House34- Dirty Diana
5).mcewen girl- Dangerous
6).Milah - Rock My world
7).tooch - Bad
8).lucuslover528 - Billie Jean
9).Amy92 - Smooth Criminal
10).Nevermind5555- Halo
11).Scremobaby- Childhood
12).Pavitra - History
13).berly - We are the World
14).tiddles - Heal the World
15).iFly 12 -Will U Be There
16).Beatit - Just Beat it
17).Blackhearts xx - Ben
18).Lackson4ever85 - Ego
19).Zouba - Smooth Criminal
20).gogirl91-Boom Boom Pow
21).ec dazzles- Gone...
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Diane walked upstairs to abby's room to see Michael rocking her in the rocking chair that sat in the corner of the room. "She calmed down quick." Diane said. "Yea i think she just wanted to get out of her kuna is all." Michael sinabi as he placed Abby on the floor. Abby began to crawl towards diane. "Hey Abby" Diane sinabi sweetly as she bent down to pick her up. "Well i got to go get ready." Michael sinabi as he got up from the rocking chair. "Get ready for what?" Diane asked puzzled. "I have a meeting with frank in about an oras and my ride is going to be here in about 20 minutes." Michael said...
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"Well maybe you guys just really sit down and talk this stuff out,i mean Diane does have a point." Alicia replied. "So your taking her side?" Michael said, Alicia could tell he was slightly becoming irritated. "Mj listen, im not saying for you to stop touring and doing what you love, im saying you shouldnt go on long tours like this." Alicia stated. Michael sat down at the bar and drank his water. "I mean michael you got to understand you cant go all willy nelly with touring because your married and you have kids, think about how diane feels having to watch those two little girls and take care...
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