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This Michael Jackson litrato contains jersey, t shirt, and tee shirt.

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posted by MJisLove4life
You Are My Life - Lyrics

Once all alone
I was Nawawala in a world of strangers
No one to trust
On my own, I was lonely
You suddenly appeared
It was cloudy before but now it’s clear
You took away the fear
You brought me back to life

You are the sun
You make me shine
Or madami like the stars
That twinkle at night
You are the moon
That glows in my heart
You’re my daytime my nighttime
My world
You’re my life

Now I wake up everyday
With this smile upon my face
No madami tears, no madami pain
‘Cause you pag-ibig me
You help me understand
That pag-ibig is the answer to all that I am
And I’m a better man
You taught me sa pamamagitan ng sharing your live


You gave me strength
When I wasn’t strong
You gave me hope when all hope is lost
You opened my eyes when I couldn’t see
pag-ibig was always here waiting for me
posted by Neverland_Joy
It's strange I normally try to stay far from

trouble, never try to glaze at it madami than

one second

But... I don't know... what happened, but now

trouble is staring straight at me, and I have welcomed

her in

Never have I welcomed such a thing, like this

in my life, nor have I desired to change anything

from proper orbit

I've seen evil transform into beauty, and hell look like heaven

without desiring any problem that storm

being in my life

I've glaze now into the eyes of trouble, and enjoy the

company there of

Slowly those lips gentily halik away the pain from the struggling day

as this creature, so sweet...
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posted by cherl12345
As he looks in the mirror making sure he's presentable for his petsa with Maris, a woman he met a party the week before, Michael is pretty nervous because this is the first time he's met someone, who wasn't interested in his wealth or who he is. Maris is a very special lady who caught his eye, so he introduced himself say, "Hi, my name is Michael, what's your name"?. "My name is Maris, and I've noticed you watching me from across the room, and you were staring at me so intensely as if we've met before". Maris, who's a plus-size fashion model, and has graced the cover of every fashion magazine...
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 imagine the map with red X's on it
imagine the map with red X's on it
After figuring out what to do to understand who or what was causing all these weird things to happen to them, Diane installed security cameras all outside the house and one in the dining room. Michael also had one facing the front gate of Neverland. Also michael got a better burgalar alarm installed in the home. With all the new magpabago ans everything michael and Diane feel alot safer

Diane is getting hapunan ready when she hears michael and the girls walk in through the front door. "Mommy!Mommy look what i drew in school today!" Abby exclaimed as she ran into the kusina to ipakita Diane what...
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Madeline wanted to cry too,because she missed him so much!But she could not say those words.She could not say:"I pag-ibig you!".She felt sorry for Michael,so decided to touch his shoulder with her fingers.But when she was close,he felt her and raised his eyes and looked at her.She had no time to take her hand back,because as soon as Michael saw it,he took it queekly like he felt that she's gonna take it back and he took it to his forehead,than he kissed it.Madeline wanted so badly to hug him and halik him and say those words,but she couldn't,he hurt her and even if that meant to punish herself,she...
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 oliba You Mikey
Olive You Mikey
2011, June 25th
I was walking to the nearest store around the block. 2 guys were checking me out. "Beat it suckers." I said. "Sassy, can we talk alone for a sec?" One of them say. "Ok, but if this is something sexual, then get the heck outta here." I sinabi leading them sa pamamagitan ng the dump.

"You know my homeboy right?" The taller one said. "Huh?" I said. He got out a stake and put it in my stomach. "That's whatchta get for lockin him up." The short one said. " You're, going, to, hell" I sinabi in a very weak voice. And everything went black.

Next thing I know, I'm on a white floor, there are stairs, angels....
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posted by fayegaringan123
(This takes place in the BAD era...)

One late evening, the moon was shining brightly in the sky with billions of dazzlings stars twinkling beside it. It was just after midnight, a time where everyone in town should be asleep. But for 19 taon old Ashley, this was a time where she could find peace and quiet. She looked at the twinkling stars wondering where he is right now. She remembered how they chased each other on the newly-cut damo in this same park. She remembered feeling so ligtas with him. Then she remembered that horrible moment. His car and him was shot sa pamamagitan ng two killers. They could no longer...
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Only you can be the one even though i know your gone.Only you can fix my puso that's broken i wont pretend.Only you can understand everything i really am mmmm.The only one who found my smile was you and i see your face there when i close my eyes and i cant even erase the way i feel inside.i still remember all we shared how much i wish u knew that i... miss you.only u can say the word so my puso wont have to hurt.only u can stop the tears from falling im calling.only you can make it right i wish that you were sa pamamagitan ng my side.the only one who made me laugh was u and i see your face there when i close my eyes and i cant even erase the way i feel inside i still remember all we shared how much i wish u knew that i miss u.
i miss u and u know its true
it's true......
I miss u Michael RIP :'( (breaks into tears)He will always always be the king of pop forever and that will never ever change
posted by Princess-Yvonne
"Keep Your Head Up"

She's looking for a job and a finer place to stay,
She's looking for the hope and the empty promises,
She's working two jobs, keeping alive,
She works in a restaurant during day,
She waits her life away,
She wipes her tears away.
She hides inside every time she feels this way,
And she's :inside, every time her baby cries.

Keeping your head up to the sky!
Keeping your mind stay alive,
Keeping your wings so we can fly,
Keep your head up, tonight!
Keeping your head up to the sky,
Are we could just rise up, tell me now?
Give me your wings so we can fly!

Killing up the life in the birds...
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In the days just before his death, Michael Jackson was working harder than he ever had in hopes of staging “the greatest ipakita on Earth” according to our latest cover story.

Claire Hoffman retraced the pop icon’s final moments for “The Last Days of Michael Jackson” in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, and found that Jackson was well aware of how the public came to perceive him in kamakailan years and that he had fully dedicated himself to a comeback tour that he hoped would erase that perception.

“He wanted people to see his work and not just talk about his lifestyle,” AEG CEO Randy...
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