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Q: Congratulations on your single going platinum.

A: Thank you! I'm so excited. I couldn't believe it. I think it's a goal for every artist. We just want our music to be heard in every part of the world. I'm just so excited that people are hearing these lyrics and this song.

Q: Your lyrics are very uplifting, similar to songs written sa pamamagitan ng Katy Perry, Pink, and Justin Bieber. Is this a trend, where pop songs are skewing in a madami positive direction?

A: Well, I pag-ibig that, and I hope that it continues to happen because music just affects people's feelings. It brings out emotions in you and makes you...
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The three of them got to make a movie and go on a sweet vacation.

The crew got a chance to spend two months overseas shooting in some of the most spectacular places in the world.

The cast filmed in several locations, including France, Monaco and Hungary, which was a first for Sel.

"It was really cool to experience all those places for the first time," Sel said.

Out of all those places, Paris was their paborito destination.

"We got up in the Eiffel Tower," sinabi Leighton, "But it wasn't just go up for a trip, we got there all alone. It was just us at 5 a.m. when the sun was just rising. It was really beautiful."

"We rented out the Eiffel Tower, no big deal,"said Sel, joking. But seriously, who gets to rent the Eiffel Tower?