MTV tuktok Six Tips about Converting DVD to ipod

js39409 posted on May 19, 2009 at 02:50AM
Where you are, holding the latest iPod Nano, or iPod Touch to enjoy hit music or movies, would just turn you to be the focus of crowd! Enjoy DVD movies or hit MV seems to be the most in way to enjoy audio/video playback, and DVD watching is no longer limited by time and place, no need to carry those bundles of DVD disk anywhere you go. All these owe to DVD Ripping software which can backup DVD to hard disk on PC or convert it to iPod video.

But do you know how to enjoy the DVD movies with a DVD Ripper to the fullest? Here I have collected seven tips that iPod fans must pay attention while converting DVD to iPod videos, and want to share them with all iPod fans. If you have any other skills, please share it too.

First, you must choose a good DVD Ripper and this is the most important factor. You’d better choose one which can rip not only fast and smoothly but also output DVD videos of high quality. For this reason, I recommend you to try link, which is upgraded lately.
Second, you must choose a DVD Ripper with plenty of profiles if you are not a professional. DVD Ripper with considerate profiles would save you a lot of time and efforts. You don’t need to do many detailed settings.
Third, before you start converting DVD to your iPod, you must have a clear idea which type of your iPod belongs to and what are the specs, including, supported audio/video, aspect ratio, resolution and bitrate etc.
Fourth, make sure that the output video is compatible with your iPod, in other words, you must make sure that your output video is encoded in the way that your iPod accepts. Generally, you must be sure that you need to convert your DVD to video with MPEG-4 codecs and H.264 codecs.

Fifth, I suggest you to buy an iPod with larger capacity, in case that the output video has enough space. Usually a movie of 120 minutes takes about 1 or 1.5 GB if it is converted to MP4 file. If you choose a higher bitrate, or higher resolution, it would be larger. And iPod users would rarely put only one movie into the big toy of iPod. Songs, photos also takes up space. So choose an iPod with enough space according to your need, or if you cannot afford an 8GB iPod, you’d better set the parameters of output video relatively lower.

Sixth, to enjoy the movie in a free way, you can split the movie into different chapters and convert your favorite parts only. What’s more, you can merge several different chapters into one and convert them into one video. This is simply a movie clips by and for yourself. Pavtube DVD Ripper realized so and performs perfectly.

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