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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Julia was driving the M4 Police car, patrolling the Round Freeway, with Tim sitting susunod to her.

Tim: Did Dan tell you the bad news?
Julia: Dan hasn't spoken to me in two days. What happened?
Tim: He, and his partners were pulled out of the Blue Fedora, and Aqua Marine case.
Julia: They must be upset about it.
Tim: Yeah. It was because of something Andy did. He shot a parang buriko when he wasn't supposed to.
Julia: Why? What was the other parang buriko doing?
Tim: He was just visiting a friend, and was taking some things with him. Some apples, a carrot, and he borrowed a PS2 controller, because his wasn't working.
Julia: That's all?
Tim: Andy thought the parang buriko had something illegal on him. It's all over now. What can you do?

Blue Fedora was sleeping, even though the sun was up.

Aqua Marine: *Shaking Blue Fedora's body* Wake up!!
Blue Fedora: Ugh. *Awake* What time is it?
Aqua Marine: Ten AM. We overslept! It's time to get madami guns!
Blue Fedora: Okay, let's go.
Aqua Marine: What are you waiting for? Use your magic!
Blue Fedora: I'm working on it! *Teleports himself, and Aqua Marine into a military base. The area they're in is where they store the guns* Quick, get as much as you can.
Aqua Marine: *Putting Assault Rifles, and a machine gun into a brown duffel bag*
Blue Fedora: All right, let's go! *Teleports himself, and Aqua Marine out of the base, and into a parking lot*
Aqua Marine: We made it. I don't think anypony noticed us.
Blue Fedora: That's great. Now we just need to find a car.
Aqua: *Points to a Pontiac GTO* Let's take that one.

Blue Fedora: *Runs to the car, unlocking it's doors with his magic, and gets inside with Aqua*
Aqua Marine: Let's go! *Puts the bag on the floor in front of her*
Blue: *Uses magic to start the car, and drives away as fast as he can*


A state trooper spotted Blue, and Aqua in the GTO, and started chasing them.

Aqua: Oh great. We already picked up a copper!
Blue: It's okay. Let's go through Gran Turismo. He won't chase us through there. It's out of his jurisdiction.
Aqua: That only works with the Canterlot Highway Patrol. That cop is a Neigh Jersey State Trooper!
Blue: Let's try losing him in Gran Turismo anyway. The streets are crowded enough.

Will Blue Fedora, and Aqua Marine escape? Find out in the epic conclusion coming tomorrow.
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