Naomi Watts Incredible resemblance

chuck-davis posted on Jul 24, 2020 at 01:12AM
as a normal heterosexual male, I appreciate female beauty from wherever it comes. So imagine my surprise when I was cruising Pornhub and found myself returning to anything with Lexi Belle in it. How had this chipmunk-cheeked blonde with two prominent front teeth (upper) and small breasts and gorgeous eyes gotten her hooks into me? The question almost answered itself. Lexi Belle bears a very strong resemblance to my favorite actress and the sexiest/sultriest woman alive: Naomi Watts! Why do I say sexiest/sultriest and not 'most beautiful'? No one female can hope to be the most beautiful to all men, though Hedy Lamarr certainly came the closest. Then Nicole Kidman. As for NW's sexiness/sultriness, look at how she seduces a male; she tilts her head down but looks up and doesn't break eye contact, then she speaks in a soft voice while gently kissing the guy, maybe stroking an arm or leg in the process. Check out the audition scene in Mulholland Dr. and her incredible tease/tempt of her on-screen son in the HOMESCHOOLED segment of Movie 43. Watts began doing this right away, as did Helen Mirren, and Mirren can make her perspiration make you think only of sex, sex with HER and only HER. Hopefully, Ms. Watts will continue to make use of her physical and attitudinal qualities in all her remaining movies. Lexi Belle should make Naomi Watts her siren-to-emulate; a loud voice and lots of profanity do not a femme domme make. True goddess-hood comes from within and is subtle and undersold. She could also look for two used paperbacks, DANDO SHAFT! by Don Calhoun and John Brodman's SINGLES CITY and their respective anti-heroines Bunny Fairchild and Jackie Rhymer, both of whom behave like Watts and add two things: several weeks of teasing and mock innocence until their victims break down in spirit, will, ego, pride, and self-respect. I don't expect a porn movie to do all that, but a star who looks like Lexi Belle should at least know what the gold standards are. And no one mention VANITY FAIR's Becky Sharps; Reese Witherspoon bought the book's title and nothing else.

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