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Two lovey doveys
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Author's Note:Hiya!I just want to let you guys know that this is an Adventure/Romance fanfiction.Meaning,it isn't only about NaruHina,and romance may not be a primary focus earl on.But,later on,fter some action,there will be plenty of romance and mushy stuff,so,until then,bare with me!

Anyway,let's begin!
A five taon old Blonde hired boy,with cerulean blue,energetic eyes,was walking with his mother and father down the road of the park.They were headed for a play petsa with two children the boy didn't know.At first,the boy worried that they wouldn't like him,but after some counceling...
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A/N:Hiya,Taika here!Today's madami of a semi-filler really.We get the teams,but our bayani seem to be unable to locate their sensei!I bet you can guess who it is.Also,for those wanting to know about my romantic progress...well,nothing super serious until after the time-skip,because their still twelve..they won't be making babies,but it'll still be some romance between them...also,big hint,something MAJOR,happens at the end of NC-Part 1.But the end of part 1 is a ways off.

Naruto sat at the front of the classroom,staring in deep thought as his his hands were folded under his chin.the events that...
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