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posted by hinata3125
Chapter 1: hyuga clan adventures

*4 yrs ago,11:48 PM*

Neji,hinata,and hinabi walked tahanan together from the park.neji carried his sound asleep youngest cousin (by 7 yrs) back to the hyuga compound."thanks for the dangos neji-kun,me and naruto-san had lots of fun,sorry about that thing with the ramen...." hinata sinabi playing with her fingers.neji rubbed the back of his neck."its ok,your sister and konohamaru are like,what 7? I'm sure they were just you naruto and tenten are probably not too exciting when all we're doing is eating and talking....but still,she didn't have to throw the chopsticks at my cheek,that was not cool...." he sinabi rubbing the red band-aid with the hidden leaf logo on it."you should ask sakura-chan about that wound....I saw konohamaru scratching the inside of his nose with a pair of chopsticks earlier....I think hanabi snatched them from him and threw it at you....." she sinabi rubbing the back of her neck."that's truly disgusting....ill get it checked out tomorrow and-" there was a rustling in the bushes,so the two cousins stopped walking.something jumped out."hi guys...." "ino-chan? What the heck are you doing hiding in the bushes like that?" The younger cousin asked."I'm waiting for billboard brow,that way ill jump out of the bushes and scare her so hard she'll pass out and I'll have a head start with sasuke-kun...." she sinabi blushing and gazing off dreamily.neji sighed."why the hell would pato butt be wandering the village at 12 in the morning?" Neji asked annoyed."well,he...uh....he...oh,shut up neji what do you know....." she looked at the little girl on neji's back."aw,how cute...hinata I didn't know you had a baby....who's is it neji?" Ino asked stupidly.the two cousins blushed."NO IM 13 IM TOO YOUNG TO BE PREGNANT,AND SHES MY SISTER NOT MY CHILD!!" "AND SHES PRACTICALLY MY SISTER THATS GROSS!!!" They yelled.she flinched."why would you even THINK I was pregnant ino-chan?" "Well,she looks like you guys....and you've been looking kinda puffy,I thought it could be baby fat....." she sinabi rubbing the back of her neck."*sigh* my mom sinabi I should try guys are mean...." hinata sinabi pouting."sorry hinata....anyway,that's a nice hat too hinata...." she sinabi kindly.neji had his hat on backwards,but on the front was an N on it.he also wore a black beater and cargo shorts,while hinata wore a purple tank tuktok with blue jean shorts that came just above her knees and a hat with the uzumaki crest on it."oh no,I never gave naruto-san his hat back....I must've forgot to give it back when he let me borrow it at the park...." she sinabi taking the hat off and looking at it."don't worry hinata-chan,naruto always stays out late for extra ramen.that's down sa pamamagitan ng the bulaklak shop,I'll give it to him then." Ino said.hinata handed her the grey hat and ino rushed off to.....wherever the hell blonde chicks go to return blonde guys hats..."*sigh* come on hinata,curphew's in 6 minutes...." neji sinabi as he continued to walk.hinata rushed to keep up with him."hey,the leaf village family reunion is susunod ready for it?" Hinata asked shyly.neji sighed."I really hate having all the members of the uchiha,uzumaki,and hyuga all in one big compound....but its a tradition so I guess its ok...." neji sinabi fixing the sleeping girl on his back so he'd be madami comfy carrying her."I think it'll be ok this year...anything's better than what happened 6 years ago...." hinata sinabi remembering.

*flashback!!! 6 yrs ago,the uchiha compound....*

"I also think the uchiha clan should be madami careful when using the sharingan.." hizashi sinabi as he held a sleeping hinata in his arms."well,I dunno about you guys,but I think the uzumaki should be madami careful flashing off the rinnengan like that,people will KILL YOU for eyes like that...." fugaku sinabi crossing his arms."we just want to ensure your safety...." mikoto sinabi as she ran a hand through her youngest son's hair with his head in her lap.her 10 taon old son itachi sat susunod to her as he watched his best friend nagato (age 12,with braces and a zit on his right cheek) play with his red shaggy locks of hair.neji was 7 at the time so his attention span was short.right now he was bored enough to watch nagato's six taon old brother (naruto) dig in his bellybutton.

*1 oras later*

"That was the worst araw took like,a bajillion years to end...." neji sinabi as he walked with his mga kaibigan around the uchiha compound and they ate their popsicles."tell me about it,I'm 12 and I thought that was totally suckish...." nagato sinabi as he put his seresa airhead flavored in his mouth."I know hinata,my mom was telling me your mom's gonna have a baby....what's it gonna be?" Itachi asked leaning close to her with mischief hidden in his eyes."um...well,daddy sinabi mommy wanted to keep it a secret so I dunno....I hope its a girl though,I want a sister...." hinata sinabi thinking."" I itachi sinabi putting a hand in his pocket.he put his red airhead popsicle (A/N: they all have have airhead popsicles...) in his mouth."guys I gotta pee..." naruto sinabi through a mouthful of kahel popsicle."just pee on a puno or somethin teme,mommy and dad wont care...." sasuke sinabi taking a bite of blue popsicle."ok...oh,there's a tree!! Neji,hold this...." he sinabi handing his popsicle to the male hyuga.naruto ran off to the nearest tree.he pulled down his pants (A/N: don't worry no one's around,he's blocked sa pamamagitan ng a fence..and I know he could've just pulled the zipper down but then this funny part wouldn't make sense...also I'm not a boy so idk if you have to push your underwear down so your balls will...well,ya know....of course he's only six so he dosent really wear its not as easy to yeah,idk how the whole zipper thing works even though I have brothers....I'm no perv,but I am a comedian.....) "I've got a biju I do,I gotta a biju how 'bout you?" Naruto sang as he released his inner fluids.a tsipmank brushed past his sandals."well hi there little fella,I'm naruto...what's your name?" The tsipmank looked at him as he scratched behind his ear." 'bout I call you sprinkles? You like that name buddy?" He asked the furry creature.the tsipmank tilted his head in confusion."I dunno why dad hates these're a good boy huh sprinkles?" Naruto asked as he reached his hand out to pet it.unfortunately,no one ever taught naruto chipmunks ilipat fast.the tsipmank dashed past him and bit him on the nuts (pun intended) in self dashed back up the tree."OOOWWWW!!!" Naruto shouted as he fell over holding his crotch."nii-san?!" Nagato sinabi as he stood up from his upuan on the sidewalk.everyone else followed behind him."what the hell happened?" The red head asked as he found his little brother curled up on the ground in pain."a stupid tsipmank bit my balls..." naruto groaned still holding his crotch."Kami-sama nii-san to-san (dad) and kaa-san (mom) told you to keep away from those things...." nagato sinabi helping his little brother up.naruto pulled up his underwear and black cargo shorts."ouch,that's gotta hurt naruto-kun...." "yeah...but maybe you were destined to get bitten...." neji said.everyone sighed."come on,lets find mom and dad.....nagato said.he carried his little brother back to the uchiha meeting place.

*current time*

"Oh yeah,I remember that....but it wasn't all bad,at least naruto's mom and dad treated us to mochi...." neji sinabi as they got a foot away from the compound."yeah,plus mikoto-chan makes great nikujaga....." hinata sinabi rubbing her tummy.(A/N: mochi is a pastery usually filled with ice cream,fillings,or jelly....kinda like a japanese version of halaya doughnuts,while nikujaga is noodles,beef,carrots and potatoes.....basically a japanese version of beef stew....) they opened the door to hinata's house."2 minutos to spare....that's such a weird timing...well,I'm goin tahanan so,here's hanabi...." he sinabi handing his younger cousin her little sister."wait, can you stay for a little longer? For some reason I can't sleep without someone else being awake...." hinata asked shyly."*sigh* ok but let me call my mother..." "neji you live right behind us just walk over and tell her...." "but I'm tired and that sounds EXHAUSTING....." neji moaned.hinata sighed."ok whatever....."

*the susunod day,9:00 AM*

Hizashi walked upstairs and opened hinata's door."hey hina-chan,your mom made pancakes.....wait,oi (nephew) what the hell are you doing here?" He asked the long haired boy laying in his daughter's bed.hinata and hanabi were snuggled against his bare chest.neji sighed."hinata-chan wanted me to stay with her so she could sleep,then hanabi came in talking about some nightmare,so I ended up in the middle of both of them so I got hot and took off my shirt....its been a long night....." he sinabi tiredly.hizashi sighed."put on a sando and go get some pagkain boy...." neji slipped from in between his younger cousins and pulled on his beater and short sleeve button up.he rushed downstairs as his aunt set the sausage and pancakes on the table.
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