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 kakashi and obito
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njak njak just a drawing of kakashi and obito
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Brandt's POV

I pass Naruto on my way out from giving the Hokage my form with my picture on it and Naruto looks like hes real proud of his clown picture. Shortly after that, I see konohamaru followed sa pamamagitan ng his trainer. "Looks like its going to be an interesting day."

I watch Naruto walk out and hold my hand up saying "Hey." but he looks a little ticked for some reason. That reason sneaks out after him but I catch little Kono on the the shoulder "Hey if you want to follow him, use this." I say handing him the fence camouflage that Naruto used.

"Hey, thanks!" he says then runs off and uses it wrong...
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I know there are alot of naruhina fans but... I think people need to realize that you need to look beyond a anime couple's cuteness. Like to the characters do you really think hinata deserves naruto or naruto deserves hinata? I don't look at it i mean really. Not to mention masashi mentioned Pagsulat naruhina into the manga we have to at fast before it is too late. If we don't act now it'll
be way to late.

1 spread the word around the internet including fanpop

2 when you write fanfics make sure they aren't naruhina

3 everything helps
Based on link pick:
I think Naruto's past is madami tragic because he didn't get too see his parents and knowing that the Kyuubi inside him killing his parents and the whole village makes it even worse.

-anyway it took me a lot of decision to choose between naruto and sasuke, honestly sasuke is really sad too because sasuke's family got murdered sa pamamagitan ng his OWN brother and also he was betrayed sa pamamagitan ng his own brother and his way of losing his family members was very tragic. Sasuke was also tortured sa pamamagitan ng Itachi's mangekyou sharingan and he got to see how Itachi killed his own parents and im not saying that...
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