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Ok this is my first poem. I hope you like it!! Tell me if i shoukd write more!

Why Did you leave me?

-Do you know how much i pag-ibig you?

Did you truly mean it when you sinabi u loved me?

-was it all just a lie/

Can you see my puso breaking

-it only breaks for you

I can still remember all those hugs and kisses

-they will always stay with me and never be forgotten

you visit me in my dreams every night

-its almost like it never happened till i wake up

I miss you so much it hurts to think about it

-I try to block away your memories but our pag-ibig pushes the blockage away

Please come back to me

-Edward,COme back to comfort me. I pag-ibig you

It was unendurable.
Thats all i could say. Nothing had ever seemed so painful in my entire memory. The pain of becoming a immortal. Searing- unbearable pain for days on end. I would get down on my knees and beg for that now.Atleast it might take my mind away for a few seconds.
Her face in my mind- was the thing i always saw. No matter what i looked at. Her voice was all i heard no matter what i heard. And her touch was all i could feel- not matter what i touched.
Sometimes i would wonder how she was coping. A hard topic to set my mind to. Maybe she was Ok?living a normal, happy life. Like i always...
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