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Over these past few months, Novel American has gone through many changes as we’ve slowly come to define what exactly it is we want to be. As a result of this, Novel American and van Beasley have gone separate ways. We will certainly miss him. van is that sort of person that has an innate gift to make anyone feel as if they are one of a kind. His talent and compassion are extraordinary. Of course, we are all very excited to see how God will continue to evolve and define our sound and us. We know this may be disappointing to hear for everyone who is ready for some songs to be released, but we are absolutely certain that this process will result in Novel American being the absolute best it can be. The future looks very exciting!

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We pag-ibig you all,

Zac, Ryan, and Josh
Josh Farro is done talking about the past. He'd rather talk about the future, starting with his new band, Novel American, which is shaping up to be everything that his former outfit — you know, Paramore — wasn't.

"Basically, I met these guys in high school — they're a little older than me, and that's a big deal when you're in high school, they were always in the cool crowd — but we connected after high school, and we got together after the whole Paramore thing, and I was like, 'I don't know if I want to be in another band,' " Farro told MTV News. "But I called the guys, we got together,...
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uy fans of Novel American!
So I’m sure everyone is excited to know that we have the interview ready!
Firstly, we asked the band how many tanong will be suitable for them to answer. To our luck, we were only planning on asking 20 questions, and they asked for 20 tanong tops!
As most of you know, we asked everyone to send through tanong they’d like to ask the band, so if you see your name here, congrats!But enough of the talking, here is what you asked:

1) @peannatz “Who will be doing backing vocals? Josh, Ryan or Zac?”

I (Josh) will do some background vocals. Hopefully Ryan and...
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