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Name: Zayn Javadd Malik
Age: 18
DOB: 12/01/93
Star Sign: Capricorn
Home Town: Bradford
Celeb Crush: Megan Fox
Man Crush: Justin Timberlake
Favourite hair colour on a girl: Brunette
Bet you didn’t know: He celebrated his 18th birthday with a trip to Nandos with the boys.
Turn-ons: mga tattoo and stripper shoes
Turn-offs: Punks, burping and sweating.
Zayn is a loyal and faithful boyfriend.
On a petsa he would wear jeans, a T-shirt and trainers.
His perfect girl can’t be too clingy and someone who acts cool. Megan soro would be his ideal partner.
He loves the mirror.
He’s a secret bad boy.
He is actually a bit...
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Harry getting a bra thrown at him whilst the boys are pagbaba out tweets.
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