One puno burol Do you have any OTH pet peeves?(feel free to add your own)

Pick one:
Lucas' desperate need to get a wife
how we never found out what happened with Bevin and Skills
why did Brooke and Chase broke-up
where's Larry gone missing
in season 4 Lucas looked like he was wearing eyeliner
Mouth and his heart-to-heart up a little!
why did Rachel OD'ed? one time or another they have all been one
Dan's desperate need for approval from Nathan and Lucas
the rare interaction between Brooke and Nathan
Haley and Peyton's missing family members (i.e. the james. larry, derek)
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Luke MOANING when he kisses his girlfriends...GACK!
Added by abs07
LEYTON- Just get over it!
Added by raychiebabe
BRUCAS- Just get over it!
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 lucysmileyface posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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