One puno burol Dumbest OTH fail? (Add if you know more!):)

Pick one:
3x13 Haley's scarf keeps changing when she's talking to Nate
4x01 Luke jumps in the water, but you see Chad behind Bethany
4x08 Brucas are talking... But it's not Chad
4x11 Nathan takes the sopas out twice
3x06 Haley's hair keeps changing while talking to Chris
4x21 Haley's shoes change while dancing
Keith and Jimmy have diffrent death dates, but died the same araw
Jamie was born after grad. but his is shown in the middle of Bball season
S.4 Peyton can't whistle, S.2 you see her whistle
Haley hates pink, Lydia's room is kulay-rosas
Chuck is lactose and tolerant but he eats icecream
S.1 Lathan roomed because of there last name, then why did Breyton room together?
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 mooshka posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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