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posted by Number1SkippFan
uy this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)This fanfic is about a girl ibong dagat that comes to the zoo and falls for Skipper.

My name is Kat, but I'm not a cat, I am a penguin, from Antarctica. I have one problem with my home: it's too cold. I knew one araw I would escape that horrible snow land, and that araw was yesterday, when that weird man came and put me in a crate, and for once in my life I felt comfortable and warm.

Today I am traveling to a new home, hopefully a warm one.

I don't know how long I was in that malaking kahon but all I know now is that I'm here at my new home...a zoo? cool!

Am I alone in this ibong dagat habitat? Just then I hear waddling coming from under the platform, okay good I'm not alone.

Skipper pokes his head through the hatch hole and spots Kat, then calls the the rest of the team. Is our new ibong dagat here yet Skipper? Private asks. Yes Private, she's here.

Oh hi I'm Kat, I'm new here I sinabi cheerfully.
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A walang tiyak na layunin Penguins of Madagascar tribute. I made it myself. That's why it's terrible. XD Note: I do not own The Penguins of Madagascar, or the Song of Storms.
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