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 Skipper's Girl
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Source: Skipper Makes Perfect
This is interesting. A girl ibong dagat that Skipper met that looks exactly like Skipper...
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ibong dagat
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 kowalski and marline were in pag-ibig
kowalski and marline were in love
in the ibong dagat habitat, Skipper is trying to enjoy` his moring cuppa isda joe, but every time he trys for a sip, a horrible wail makes him jump, followed sa pamamagitan ng a series of bangs "agh, rico, private, take care of kowalski, im trying to drink my joe here!!" he moans, and as they open the door to kowalskis lab, they see kowalski sa pamamagitan ng his mixing mesa sobbing, trying to perfect a chemical, but his tears keep dripping into his chemicals and causing an explosions, and he has to try again, rico, thinking its an explosives party, vomits out a stick of dynamite, but before he can throw it, private shakes...
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Staring blankly at the phone, Skipper slapped me back into reality, "Private, Private, snap out of it, are you alright?" he asked, concerned for his youngest soldier. "Oh sorry Skipper, I just fell into a trance, it's because there's a file here that I don't remember seeing before" I replied. But before Skipper told me to play the ring tone, he called for Kowalski and Rico who were eager to hear it too. "Hey Kowalski, Rico come over here for a second, I want you guys to listen to this. Alright Private, cue the ring tone" sinabi Skipper, pointing his flipper to my phone.

I pressed the play button...
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Source: The Return Revenge Of Dr Blowhole
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fantastic friend of mine uploaded this. :)
penguins of madagascar
Another clip of Madagascar 3 Sorry, it's in French, but it's still so funny XD
king julien
madagascar 3
Sorry about the bad quality...this wasn't mine.
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