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They all gasped as their minds finally grasped who the creature in front of their sub was. Leroy thought his puso was going to explode as he stared into the eyes of the shark. He was finding it increasingly hard to breathe, and the interior seemed to be growing smaller sa pamamagitan ng the minute. "Dexter," he breathed out.

Private shot a worried glance at the turtle. "Leroy? Are you all right?"

Despite his best efforts, memories were being pushed to the front of his mind. Unwillingly, Leroy was reliving the terror he felt when Dexter had managed to kidnap him some years ago. Outside the sub, Dexter laughed...
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The penguins had been together for awhile but nothing prepared them for this. It was a cool, brisk spring morning, when they were training.
"Alright boys, let's act cute and cuddly for our guests." Skipper suggested rubbing his flippers together.
It seemed to begin as a normal day, but in an instant it changed. Toppling over something, Private noticed there was a letter and picked it up.
"Skippah, I found something here." Private sinabi anxiously.
"Kowalski, what do think?" Skipper questioned.
"It looks like a letter." Kowalski murmured examining the paper. Skipper shot Kowalski a "of course" look....
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So what does one do when you can't fall asleep and ur bored? This...These are just poems that i think describe different POM fans (the last is the best)...X3


Stuiped people who couldn't see
How wild and free...
We say what we think
We aren't afraid of the brink (tehe Rico)
They just can't admit
Or else they would be madami legit


They still hid
They don't know what they can find
They watch in secret
Never knowing if their thoughts should stay... Akepen
They rather keep quite
Trying their best to fight it


They are proud
Shouting out loud
We are united!
Fights are unacceptable!...
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That night, Marlene tossed and turned in her bed. She'd made the mistake of having too many oysters before bed, and she was having a lot of trouble sleeping. For the third time that night, she woke up from her fitful sleep and glanced at her clock. It read: 3:05 AM. She groaned to herself - you would think, after twenty-five years (otter time, at least), she would have learned sa pamamagitan ng now not to eat too much before bed, it made her feel very restless.

She got up from her bed, hoping to release some of her pent-up energy sa pamamagitan ng taking a cool swim. But when she was outside, something odd caught her eye...
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Part 4 - Aftershocks
When we last left... Skipper had just been imprisoned because the King Otter, Marlene, and their subjects found him holding the Ocean Jewel. However, he had just been trying to stop 005 (Leah) from taking it when they all arrived. Later, in the prison cell, Skipper talked to the rest of his men, while Marlene stood in the security room, watching the conversation. Towards the end of their conversation, Skipper tells his men that he has "been madly in love" with Marlene. Her reaction: Face facing down, paws on the control panel, and a stunned look on her face...
Two subjects...
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CHAPTER THREE: Lemurs for the rescue

Skipper heard his comrade’s voices echoing behind the wall. All foursome were sitting in Kowalski’s lab, discussing over some medicine stuffs. He felt thirsty, terribly thirsty. And the only thing he could concentrate his thoughts on was a hot cup of his paborito catfish flavored coffee.
He rolled over in his kama and glanced at the table. It was about three meters away from his bunk. Although he felt terribly dizzy and weak he decided to try. He collected his strength, scrambled out of the kama and made few wobbly steps forwards.
He was on his halfway towards...
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Here comes chap 2:)

CHAPTER TWO: ibong dagat Tea

Her face was covered with fog. Her green eyes anxious, teary, full of empathy and concern. She wore the same expression when leaning over him down the sewer, after she’d saved him from drowning.
He was too weak to move, but he felt his cheeks blushing from anger and embarrassment. He’d never thrown up in front of a girl before. He knew she caught the sight of him vomiting as he could hear her terrified voice.
“Guys, seems like he’s already woke up!” she informed the rest of the team, while dabbing Skipper’s forehead with a damp cloth. Skipper...
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The leader ibong dagat doesn’t feel well. He has no other choice but to take a couple of days off. Fortunately, Marlene, Kowalski, Rico and Private are always there for him. Even the lemurs lean a hand:)

CHAPTER ONE: I feel sick

By the time he woke up he’d already realized there was something wrong. He didn’t feel like his usual self. His muscles were a bit sore, his head was aching and there was an unpleasant feeling deep down in his guts. As if he hadn’t been eating for months.
He glanced at the pader clock and gazed at horror. He couldn’t have overslept! The sight of Private waddling...
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