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.Okay so I was laying there in kama when Annabeth knocks on my door.
She was holding four guitars, and a Wii console
"What the-"
"Remember that one night at your moms apartment when we were having a gitara hero battle"
"We never finished"
She nodded and smiled.
It took her about five minutos took hook up everything and then I turned the volume up super loud. It was only 9pm, so we had time to rock out.

Around 10pm theres a knock on our door.
"Oh gods we're busted!!!"
We threw the guitars behind the kama and turned the volume down.
"You're not supposed to be in here!! Go hide in the closet!!"
She Buried...
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A/N: This is an AU story of how Annabeth finds Percy AND her way back to happiness. She learns how important pag-ibig is and how every little moment with Percy should be cherished.

Post-The Last Olympian

I Will Find You
Chapter One:

Annabeth Chase had been spending a lot of her Time On Mount Olympus the Past few weeks.
She had been ibingiay the amazing opportunity to redesign the whole of it!
She was a great architect, and was very passionate about her work but she had never really thought she would be allowed this amazing task.
Annabeth Chase, you amaze me Percy had told her when she had confessed...
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