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posted by meredog
Just so you know Percy and annabeth are 16 in this story
I know its yong for getting mairred but Percy loves Annabeth so much he cant help it.

I was going to do it, really do it. Camp was supoused to start in three days and I wanted to do it before camp. I was nerves. I am taking annabeth to the Zoo and I am going to ask her to mairry me. I know I am young but I pag-ibig Annabeth so much it doesn't even matter anymore. I pag-ibig her so much that my hart hurts when I am around her. I drove up to her apartment she was shareing with on...
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posted by gaaraisawesome
1.Get the song ''under the sea'' stuck in his head.
2. Ask if he found Nemo yet.
3.Sing the spongebob theme song,replacing spongebob 's name with percy's.
4. Dye the lake red-tell the lake nypmhs percy told you to.
5. Take him to a sushi place for lunch.
6. Take him fishing.
7. Sing ''kiss the girl'' whenever he's near annnabeth.
8. Draw on riptide-in permanent marker
9. Replace all the decor in the poseidon cabin with flammable things.
10.Paint the poseidon cabin in a flame motif.
11. Steal the shield tyson made him.
12. Steal annabeth's invisblity hat and hide it in percy's cabin.
13. bonus points if she looks there.
14.double bonus points if they fight.