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•If your paborito color is red, you are action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfillment and to experience life through the five senses.

•If kahel is your paborito color, you have a great need to be with people, to socialize with them, and be accepted and respected as part of a group. You also have a need for challenges in your life, whether it is physical or social challenges.

•Choosing yellow as your paborito means you have a deep need for logical order in your everyday life and to be able to express your individuality sa pamamagitan ng using your logical mind to inspire and create new ideas....
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Ok I got this email!

This is a . Take a moment to take this test! If you are honest this tells the truth, it's pretty accurate. Write your sagot on paper. Find out your horoscope at the bottom.

1. Which is your paborito color: Red, Black, Blue, Green or Yellow?
2. Your first initial?
3. Your buwan of birth?
4. Which color do you like more, Black or White?
5. The name of a person that is the same sex as you?
6. Your paborito number?
7. Do you like California or Florida more?
8. Do you like a lake or the ocean more?
9. Write down a wish (a realistic one)

When you are done, scroll down. Don't...
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kahel are nature lovers. Being sports minded, they pag-ibig anything to do with the outdoors. Taking long walks in the woods revives them. Trees and mga hayop mean a lot to them and they want to be a part of nature. Good professions for kahel include farmers, ranchers, football players, and guides.

People always say good things about these down to earth people. Although they may sometimes invoke anger from others, it usually doesn't last very long. Who can remain mad at someone so helpful?

Tending to support the underdog, they will try to help someone who they feel needs assistance. Always aware...
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Grab a paper and a pen to write down your answers.
Take your time. (May not be true)

1- Put the following mga hayop in order (you chose the order)

2-Write one a word that best describes one of the following things:

3-Now, think in some persons that you know and that are important to you and relate them with these colors:
(ex: BF-Green, then you couldn't use anymore the person you chose or the color)

Now the meaning:

1- defines the priorities in life

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 Personality is a puzzle. © ??
Personality is a puzzle. © ??
This is the 2nd part about how birth order may affect your personality.

Last born
Generally, last borns are:
-Risk takers
-Have a good sense of humor
-Hard working
-Get bored quickly

Last borns are considered the baby of the family and they enjoy making friends. Can be the life of the party and they easily entertain others.
While working, they don't like boundaries/commitment and do things at their own pace, they tend to chose careers like in sales, working...
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Birth month:
January: I licked
February: I played baseball with
March: I flicked boogers at
April: I force-fed onions to
May: I raeped
June: I threw stuffed mga hayop at
July: I popped bubble balutin with
August: I had a rave party with
September: I was murdered sa pamamagitan ng
October: I read fairy tales to
November: I shot
December: I taught math to

1. Soul Eater Evans
2. Maka Albarn
3. Death the Kid
4. Liz Thompson
5. Patty Thompson
6. Black bituin
7. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
8. lamok
9. Crona
10. Ragnarok
11. Medusa Gorgon
12. Arachne
13. oxford
14. Jacqueline o'Lantern Dubre
15. Lord Death/Shinigami-sama...
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is one of the most beautiful mga kulay and yet it is the absence of color. Black want everything done in detail. If a job needs finishing, these are the people to finish it. These personalities need leaders, though, to tell them what needs to be done. Under guidance, they are able to get to the crux of the matter and solve very large problems. When put in a position to find the mistakes of others, they are right at home.

They like puzzles, and finding others' mistakes brings out their tenacious spirits. Black will sometimes intentionally find mistakes just so that they can repair them.

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Pick a fruit. Which prutas will you pick if you were handed one of these?
Take a look at the listahan of fruits below and choose one that is your favorite. Studies say that your choice reflects your personality, your inner self and your outer self.

1. Orange
2. Apple
3. Banana
4. Coconut
5. Pineapple
6. Papaya
7. Mango
8. Cherry
9. Black Grapes
10. Peach
11. Custard Apple
12. Pear


If kahel is your paborito fruit; it speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. You like to do things slowly; but very thoroughly and are completely undaunted sa pamamagitan ng hard work. You tend to be shy; but are a reliable...
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1.Tell someone you truly trust about your trouble.
2.Talk to your friends.

3.Go outside (somewhere you can relax when you visit) and don't say I am not in the mood.

4.Cry when you feel that you need it and don't think crying is weakness.

5.Bring a piece of paper and write/draw whatever you want .

6.Take a paliguan with a cold/warm water .

7.Listen to classic music .

8.Drink a prutas juice or anything cold.

And in the end remember that life goes on and never stops ...You have to live it as it is and it's your choice to be happy or sad :)
Step 1- Birth buwan
1. I cast a spell on
2. I played a prank on
3. I turned _________ into a Horcrux
4. I hugged
5. I lied to
6. I ran away from
7. I pushed
8. I made fun of
9. I threw a rock at
10. I annoyed
11. I slapped
12. I estola _______'s wand

Step 2- Birth petsa
1. Ron
2. George
3. Voldemort
4. Sirius
5. Dobby
6. Snape
7. Tonks
8. Harry
9. Dumbledore
10. Hermione
11. Draco
12. Percy
13. Kreacher
14. Dudley
15. Albus-Severus
16. Percy
17. Fleur
18. Bellatrix
19. Lucius
20. Narcissa
21. Ginny
22. Vernon
23. petunia
24. Crabbe
25. Goyle
26. Cho
27. Viktor
28. Mad-Eye
29. Neville
30. Lavender...
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1.Okay,you wake up on a Monday morning......
A.To the sun shining
B.Grr....I hate the morning
D.*rolls over and goes back to sleep*
E.Great....I can't wait to see what happens today....

2.When getting dressed you decide to wear.....
A.A tank tuktok or t-shirt,with shorts,and sandals,maybe a necklace
B.A hoodie,with sneakers,and possibly a bracelet
C.A neon shirt,with skinny jeans
D.All popular brand name clothing
E.A green,brown,or blue t-shirt,with old jeans and sneakers

3.During lunch time at school,you go outside.You decide to....
A.Relax and sit back in the sun for a while
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Your birthmonth:
January - I slapped
February - I beat up
March - I mooned
April - I kissed
June - I met
July - I fangirled/fanboyed over
August - I found out _________ was my grandfather/grandmother
September - I gave birth to
October - I farted in front of
November - I had a couple of drinks with
December - I got screamed at sa pamamagitan ng
Your birthday:
1 - Shikamaru Nara
2 - Sailor Mercury
3 - Excalibur
4 - Naruto Uzumaki
5 - Haruhi Fujioka
6 - Light Yagami
7 - Sakura Haruno
8 - Ichigo Kurosaki
9 - Natsu Dragneel
10 - Soul 'Eater' Evans
11 - L
12 - Lucy Nyu
13 - Roy mabangis na kabayo
14 - Maka Albarn
15 - Italy...
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Angel pagkain cake


Lemon meringue pie

Vanilla cake with tsokolate icing

Strawberry short cake

Chocolate cake with tsokolate icing

Ice cream

Carrot cake

Angel food: Sweet, loving, cuddly. You pag-ibig all warm and fuzzy items. A little nutty at times. Sometimes you need an ice cream cone at the end of the day. Others perceive you as being childlike and immature at times.

Brownies: You are adventurous, pag-ibig new ideas, are a champion of underdogs and a slayer of dragons. When tempers flare up, you whip out your saber. You are always the oddball with a unique sense of humor and direction. You tend to...
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