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 Peter Petrelli
Peter Petrelli
Memorable mga panipi between Peter and the other charactors in season 1 and 2.

"I've been up here all night thinking about this, thinking about my destiny."

"What are you doing, Pete?"

"It's my turn to be somebody now, Nathan!"

- Peter, Nathan (Genesis)

"Saving you ...did I save the world?"

"I don't know, I'm just a cheerleader."

- Peter, Claire (Homecoming)

"Charles Darwin bred pigeons when he was working out his theory of evolution—married up various permutations to get maximum potential."

"What do you mean sa pamamagitan ng that, 'maximum potential'?"

"I think he meant you, friend."

- Claude, Peter (Unexpected)

"Haven't I killed you before?"

"Didn't take."

- Sylar, Peter (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"I'm the most special!"

-Peter, (to Sylar) (Dying of the Light)

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peter petrelli
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~*HUGE SPOILER!*~ I'm putting that just in case. Can be played in HD. Alternate iugnay for blocked countries - linkor link
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 Peter jumping off a building
Peter jumping off a building
A look at Peter Petrelli's Powers:

Peter first becomes aware of his ability in his dreams, which tell him he can fly. (Posibly caused sa pamamagitan ng the amount of time he spends with his brother 'The flying man') Peter uses an ability fist when he jumps off the roof to prove to nathan that he can fly. He really starts to understand his gift when he realises he also absorbed Issac Mendez's powers of precognition.

Peter's DNA re-sequenses itself to mimic the ability of other bayani around him. Mohinder describes Peter as a kind of powers sponge. Peter doesn't just mimic the...
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