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posted by phinbella4ever
back at tahanan phineas was walking outside when he notices that isabella was in the machine and he grabs the button and pushes a kulay-lila purple button and she comes back.still crying when she falls into his arms ,she starts to explaine what happed when he told her that the future could change .when he sinabi that she stopped crying and pulls him over to halik her then ferb walks out she notices and lets go of phineas and she starts walking towards ferb. she slaps him really hard and tells him to stay away from her as she stormed inside. then ever since isabella and phineas are inseparable. and ferb watches his distance. the end yayayayayya
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Phineas and Isabella rock at pag-awit this song. It fits them perfectly.
posted by violetpinkgirl
It is very strange but,

I woke up this morning thinking about phinbella and sinabi
"What if phineas is trying to think of an idea one morning and was pacing back and forth, Suddeny Isabella walks in and says watcha doing as usual and phineas comes up to her and says scarsly "Isabella i'm out of ideas help me get an idea!!" Isabella squeals.and they work all morning to think of an idea.Then he gets an idea and tells Isabella to stay outside and he went in the garahe for about 30 mins whenever he walks out he tells Isabella to close her eyes and walk in the garahe when Izzy walks in she opens her eyes and looks surprised,What he had built her was a giant puso with in the middle says in big letters:
Isabella gazed at it for about 1 min and Phineas closed the garahe door and izzy got very romantic and started to halik surprised Phineas when Candace walked in and sinabi PHINEAS AND ISABELLA WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! izzy runs tahanan

Thats all i got you can think of a better ending