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1.Pigs live on farms or in the wild. Pigs eat corn, potatoes, grains, etc

2.Pigs can not sweat because they have no sweat glands. They roll around in the mud to cool their skins.

3.Pigs are very intelligent and learn very quickly. They are the fourth smartest animals. Pigs are intelligent and have been placed fourth on the intelligence listahan (humans are first, primates are second, dolphins/whales are third and pigs are fourth).

4.A mother pig is called a sow, a father pig is called a bulugan and a baby pig is called a piglet. A whole group of pigs is called a herd.

5.Pigs are some of the cleanest animals...
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posted by MineTurtle5
Before I start, this is not mine. I got it from a magazine called Wacky but True.

Do you think pigs can laugh? No? Surely their tails swish when they're laughing.
When a pig is really happy it jumps in circles.
Try these on your mga kaibigan though.

Q: What do little pigs want to be when they grow up?
A: Garbage collectors

Q: What do hip pigs call their ladies?
A: Fine swine.

Q: What did the pig say when the lobo grabbed its tail?
A: "That's the end of me!"

Q: What do pigs do on nice afternoons?
A: They go on pignics!

Q: What do you call a pig thief?
A: A hamburgurlar!

Q: How do you fit madami pigs on your farm?...
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