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kasanayan ng tagahanga
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This Pokémon kasanayan ng tagahanga contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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posted by tinaloo
Hmmm I should go see SuzI and go only my journey with her. Hmmm whos that blue haired guy and why is he hiding with a Pokemon I sinabi .

Well what are you looking at you Esmeralda eyed girl. Go away and leave me alone. Gesh what's your issue all I did was look at you do you got a proublm with that I said. Kinda I just ...... Let's battle 1 on 1. Fine.

* the battle*
I chose you charmander.
I chose you eviee.
I'll go first charmander youse scratch on eviee.
Eviee dodge it and use tackle.
No charmander. Get up and use scratch again.
Eviee dodge and use sand attack
Charmander try and get out of there
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posted by twilightrox43
I snuck behind a tree, close enough to listen to the exchange between Alec and the shady characters.
"Hmmph. So you're Alec, the famous Ranger of Canndon? You don't look so tough, truly. But I won't underestimate you, I've heard too much about you," the woman in neon green examined. "I'm Stormy, one of the tuktok Admins of Team DareDevil," she introduced herself, smiling evilly.
"What is it you want here?!?!?!" Alec shouted menacingly.
"Well, we were looking for Zekrom, who is sinabi to live on...wait, why am I telling you these things?!?! Garchomp, get rid of this pest!" she cried, forcing a Garchomp...
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posted by AKetchum01
A Fan-fic about Team Rocket, Treasure Town, and Wigglytuff's Guild

Note: I had this idea when I first played PMD Explorers of Sky. The name "Treasure Town" sounded like a place that would have lots of valuables, and Team Rocket would like to loot it! So, I began putting together pieces, and formed this! Enjoy!


It was early in the morning when Loudred screamed his normal message: Rise and shine! It's mornin'! Team Rocket (Yea, there's another), the duo of Turtwig and Meowth, entered the meeting room. Unlike many of the other meetings, this...
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Chapter 2

Mmmmmm...what can you provide me? I'll heal your jirachi and the rest of your pokemon. Deal!!! Sweet! Wait what? What do you mean as sweet? Uuuuhh...sweet as in we are going to have a great adventure....hehehe. Ok?Lets just go. Ok. Sure.

The susunod Day....

*Yawn* Good morning. *snore* Whaa...what oh yeah you to. *Yaawwn* Why wake up so early misty. No reason only that teamrocket is almost here Hehehe. Did you say something? No only my plan hehe. what? Nothing!..nothing.Ok then go make breakfast. Fine.

Later That Day....

This is so boring. Its an adventure not a comedy show. True...
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"See ya Ma"I said,Today I turned 11(In Greenville You have to be 11 to be a pokemon trainer)I went to see Prof.Lane.There were three pokeballs,One containing Nine tails,Second one was Eevee,Third was Jigglypuff(As I sinabi Greenville is different).I didnt want any of them.Prof.Lane Said"Weeeeeell there is one oth pokemon...(Pulls pokeball out from Cabinet"This is Growlith,He hates his pokeball and likes to be kept on a Leash."I'LL TAKE HIM And I'll call him hunter!"I yelled!"Goodbye Austin"Prof. sinabi as I left.

You know, there is one feeling that I is hard to feel in modern creepypastas. That is being scared. However, there is one feeling I have never felt with a creepypasta. That is sadness. However, there is one that I have found. That would be the Pokemon katakut-takot na pasta called I Won't Leave You.
It starts with a Sylveon named Tyrin who is a very friendly Pokemon. However, he then finds this Eevee named Lonely, who was abandoned sa pamamagitan ng his trainer and feels like he is nothing. sa pamamagitan ng the way, he was abandoned years ago. So, Tyrin decides to take care of Lonely. They then start having a strong bond between...
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The Japanese Opening 2 for XY has revealed some spoilers such as:
1. First of all, all the mega Pokemon at the beginning, and the many Mega Stones, one of them especially, like right there in your face.
2. Korrina is pagbaba her book susunod to her Lucario, which is sleeping (I think)
3. Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor are shown. Shauna has a Bulbasaur, Tierno with a Squirtle, and Trevor with a Charmander.
4. Ash's Fletchling evolves into a Fletchinder, and he also has a Hawlucha.
5. The Champion is seen with her Gardevoir, battling Ash and Mega Evolving it.
6. Ash is seen battling Korrina with her Mega Lucario.
7. A trainer is seen with a Mawile, another seen with a Lucario, and then the Champion along with her Gardevoir.
8. At the end, Korrina and Lucario are seen running toward the group, Korrina's arms wide open.
The opening is here:
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So...E3 Just gave us madami information about the upcoming games. We got a first look at some trainer battles, madami info on Magearna, new Pokemons, and even a new Online battle mode.

It's no secret that I pag-ibig how beautiful Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon looks. I'm glad they got rid of the chibi mga model they used in X&Y/OM&AS. A cool little feature I like is that the trainers are now behind their Pokemons in battle, something I felt was a missed opportunity in X&Y. I'm also happy that it appears that all trainer will have a 3D model in battle, instead of only a few trainers like...
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