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This artikulo contains opinionated view so this is/may not be factual.

In No particular order, here:

1. Ash and Red
 Ash and Red
Ash and Red
"Are they the same person?", the most common and the main discussion of this topic.
Though they are not but this tanong has always been raised. They are also compared in their Pokemon training skills.

2. Mew vs. Mewtwo
Another topic which has been heavily discussed. Mew vs. Mewtwo is one of the most popular Pokemon comparison. With Mewtwo clearly having higher base stats than Mew, and also the highest base stats of the Kanto region, the other side still holds good....
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You know, Georgia is only a Dragon~Buster and obsessed with beating Dragon type trainers because she was badly beaten at the village of Dragons! It must have been hard for her! The good news is, she's very self-confident! I have absolutely NO self confidence! XD Back to Georgia, she only wants to battle madami challenging Dragons like Haxorus and Druddigon. She didn't really expect to go up against an Axew. And, she also won because of her Beartic. Georgia wants to be a successful Dragon Buster. For example, beating legendary Dragons and big dragons.

When she said: "That was easy. What a yawner."...
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