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(Brute opened her eyes. Nothing has happened.)

Brute: What a jank star!!

(White Flash. Brute finds herself in bed. She wakes rubbing her head)

Brute: Oh, what happened to me?

(Still lying down, she grabs a pillow, swings it to both sides of her, trying to wake her sisters.)

Brute: Berserk, Brat, get up.*releases pillow* Hears thump*

(She gets up wondering: Did I throw it right over Berserk this time? She sits up, seeing she's in a one-person bed. Oppressor Plutonium walks in.)

Oppressor: Good Morning my one-and-only darling child.

Brute: *confused* What? I'm not......! *remembers her wish* (thinks)...
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The city of Viletown! Where everything is chaos sa pamamagitan ng the immune and powerful POWERPUNK GIRLS! To the Plutonium House we go!:
*night time*
Brat: Berserk dont you ever get the feeling we just need to fight something new?
Brute: She's asleep mani Head! Besides she should catch some sleep, dont you remember what happened today??
Brat: Yea..That fight was mean! She was about to lose but she kept herself high and beat Bleacher, but then she fainted.
Brute: YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL THE STORY!!! *Brute yelled*
Berserk: *waking up* Ai! You guys are so loud!! Hush already!
Brat: Sorry..
Brute: Okay...
Berserk: *goes...
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 powerpunk girls z
powerpunk girls z
Powerpunk girls are from everything nasty,salt vingear

Berserk-Blossom's equivalent, Berserk was created on November 26th due to her bossy, dark and shy personality. She has a long, spiked ponytail with a large ribbon in her hair and wears a red dress with a kulay-rosas plaid palda with white stockings and black Mary Janes. She's a laid back, do-what-I-want type of person that possesses little of Blossom's conservative morals of logic. Another difference is that, opposed to Blossom's role as the peacemaker (and sometimes "mom" figure), Berserk could care less about everything. Berserk is belived to...
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"Oh man!" Brute yelled to herself as Angel was pulling her out of her own house.
"Don't be mad now...." Angle tried her best to comfort Brute, but it was no use.
"HOW CAN'T I BE...?!"
"We're here." Angel sinabi as she and Brute landed in front of the Utonium household. It was just as Brute had left it when she had gone to work on her science project with Buttercup 2 days ago.
"But, it's so,... different in a way....." she thought to herself. She wasn't lying either. Something about being the presence knowing Berserk and Brat were gone, meant Blossom and Bubbles were gone too. Bubbles had always...
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A very nice araw in viletown! of course it was killing the ppg. But brat cant stop drinkig this toxic mix she thinks is "delicous". but it could give up her life! Brat,where did you get that toxic mix? Berserk asked. Brat smiled. I found it in oppressors lab. I also found these chemicals and they taste pretty good! Want some? Brute and Berserk started at her for five moments. Why would we want some poisin? Brat looked at Brute. Ehh hem!! Where did are power's come from? Life?, Salt?,Berserk and Brute asked. Brat rolled her eyes and kept jugging the toxic.
At The end of the day, Brat went strait to sleep
And when she woke up she was all red. Although Brat not Knowing, her skin was Bright red and burnt up. AHHHH!!!! She screamed looking in the mirror. Brute woke up sa pamamagitan ng that piercing scream. BRAT! DID YOU FLUSH YOUR OCTI DOWN THE TOILET AGAIN? No! i just forget to get toxic mix from the oppresers lab. But now, He's awake!
 Burnt up brat
Burnt up brat
posted by RowdyRoughgirls
 Boid spitted on the bow
Boid spitted on the bow
"anti"??Then Brute sinabi madly "lets beat these mga sanggol up!"They all went for there anti-selfs.Boid threw Berserk through a pader even Boid sisters threw there foes into a pader as well.The huge anti,fight got out into the city detroying every skysraccper.Berserk threw her bows at Boid.Boid caught Berserk bow's and spited on them."eww!" yelled Berserk. then Boid whispered to her sisters they needed to gross them out.Boid then spit into Blackout's mouth. Blackout tried to spit at Brat.But when Brat flew off spit hit her right pigtail.Berserk saw it and was competeley grossed out.Berserk then flew off along Brat back home.All there was left was Brute.Brute was trying to hold her vomit in.Her face was green.but then Brute swalloed the vomit and her face was normal and flew off along her sisters."pieice of cake" sinabi Blackout.Then Blackout and her sisters flew together home.
 seeing the real punk for the frist time
seeing the real punk for the frist time
posted by lillymango1
one araw in vile town the punks were getting redy for there susunod crime

brat:hmmmm oh i'll get dienamoe so we can crush the city then towns vile

brute:what about the power dumb girls stupid

brat:oh yeah i forgot about them since thAY KICKD OUR BUTS!

berserk:calm down girls i have a plan

pefesor: girls guess what i done girls

brute:did you destroy the power puff girls

prefesor:no but i did get you in high school

power punks:WHATTTTTT


pefessor:well i was just trying to get you susunod to the boys susunod door

beserk:you mean the rowdy ruff boys

pefessor:yes i seen all ur...
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Anyway.. Brat needed some toxic mix but opresser was already awake?
Hmm... what should i do? oh yea! the girls are still asleep, and oppreser is looking for his chemicals! I dont have much money left, but ill go to a chemical store!

Brat quickly flys to a drugs and spirits store. she bought poisen, lighter fluid, and some bacteria liquid. she got a spoon and mixed it all toghter. it was this greenish mix. She almost vomited, But she was able to chug it some down. *cough cough* I dont feel so good....*groans* *cough* *cough* uy little girl? It was another powerpuff! she had RRB shoes, a bellyshirt, she had 2 ponytails and lovley blue eyes.she looked pretty but she was evil! here.. have some green soda. thats what i drink when i feel sick. brat drunk some not knowing it was poisen!!!
 The strange little girl.
The strange little girl.
I tried to break the gaze of me and Bubbles in the mirror. It was weird, most people would expect to see their reflections in the mirror. But I knew I wouldn't if I looked long enough. I saw her there. Her light blue eyes, meeting my regular blue ones perfectly. It was almost scary. How much we were alike. My hair was long and my eyes were a deeper blue. But aside from that, we looked liked identical twins. But was she really my twin now?

"Brat, it's scary I know. But I'll bet that girl was lying, she probably wasn't even real, just something you dreamed of." she was trying to persuade me from...
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posted by MF114
The powerpunk girls are the evil opposites of the powerpuff girls. Unlike their opposites the girls dress differently. They are violent criminals who are the villains of Viletown (the opposite of Townsville). They came from the 50th comic in the powerpuff girls comic series. Originally going to be the 11th episode of the 4th season in the PPG's T.V. series, due to the movie being created at the same time "Deja View" was never put into production. The girls group consists of:

Berserk, Blossom opposite. She is the bossy leader of the group who often has her sisters sumali with her on fights she...
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posted by RowdyRoughgirls
 Blaze the light purple one and Boid is the yellow one
Blaze the light purple one and Boid is the yellow one
A horrible araw in vile town!To the powerpunk girls house we go!Beep beep!"the hotline" Berserk said."what chumps would mess with the powerpunk girls."Berserk responed back and sinabi to Brute.."why dont you shut up so i can find out....hello mayor!who do u want us to beat up!"the mayor stops talking the mayor screams.a voice almost like Berserk's sinabi "were holding the stupid mayor ransom.come to his office see us". "come on girls this is important!"they flew off. crashed down through the mayor's roof.and saw two girls who kinda looked like brat and brute holding the mayor sa pamamagitan ng his neck.they looked mad.then a girl who had looked like berserk came in front them.holding a gun.she puts the gun to his head and says "i'll do it too you know...."the powerpunk girls sinabi all together who are you guys?!the girls who looked like the powerpunks sinabi ".....were the anti powerpunk girls!" to be continued...
Brute: HEY!!! LET GO OF ME!

(Brute manages to shake off Angel's arm from hers)

Brute: I can walk y'know. AND I can fly.

Angel: If you insist...

(The two walk downstairs to the Plutonium's living room, full of green furniture and pictures of Brute with her father.)

Brute: *while looking around and twitching her eye* Oh, this is sooooo creepy...

Angel: You should have thought of that before you wished...

Brute: I DIDN'T MEAN IT!!!!

(Opp. P overhears his daughter's shouting and comes into the living room (from the kusina to check up on her.)

Opp. P: Brute, sweety, what's with the shouting?

Brute: DAD!!!!...
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Brute POV

I hate this place!!!!!!!!!! I hate my stupid bossy sister Berserk!! I hate my stupid spoiled sister Brat!!! I hate the know-it-all PowerPuff Blossom! I hate the little baby Bubbles!!!! I hate that moron Brick!!! I hate the dumbest kid in town Boomer!!!! I HATE it here!!!!!! The only good here in Townsville are Buttercup & Butch. WHY WASN'T I BORN AN ONLY CHILD!!!!! I swear!!!

Normal POV
(The PowerPunks & Oppressor Plutonium have moved to Townsville because the PPnkG are now heroes. The girls are in their room during the time the sun is about to set. Brat is looking out the window...
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