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posted by ClaraAllermann
Emily is a competitive swimmer. She was dating Ben but when she knew Maya she discovered she was gay. Maya and Emily were dating.
When Emily´s mother knew her daughter was gay she was a little bit disappointed but all in all she helped her.
Maya and Emily had to separate because Emily´s mother finds drug in Maya´s bag so she tells her parents. Maya had leave Rosewood to go to an estrict place.
Paige is another competitive swimmer in Rosewood, she sees Emily as a big enemy to being the captain of the swimming team. But then they start to hang out many times. But Paige cant accept she is gay so Emily calls a girl called Samara, a gay girl, to have a meeting with Paige and Emily.Paige never goes to this meeting but Emily and Samara made friends.
Before you go all hater on me, just hear me out! I don't hate Ezra or anything but it makes sense if you think about it.

1. A didn't come up until Ezra turned up. Why would he go to Ali's funeral, anyway?
2. Marlene King sinabi that, in the first season finale, one of the girls would have a fight with Ali's killer. So if Ian isn't the killer, what about Aria's fight with Ezra about Jackie?
3. In the first mid-season finale, Hanna was run over sa pamamagitan ng a car because, according to A, "she knew too much." So if A wasn't Noel, it could be Ezra because Hanna saw him and Aria together.

So there you have it. What do you think?

Sorry this is really short.
 Oh my god .. someone knows i did it !
Oh my god .. someone knows i did it !
In Pretty little liars -the TV ipakita everyone thought that Alison's killer was Ian because he was one of the last few people to see her alive the night she disappeared and he had tahanan bidyo of Alison and the PLLs when uy were younger and one from the night of The Jenna Thing. At one point spencer's older sister Melissa Hastings' hockey stick was buried in The Hasting's backyard and was found sa pamamagitan ng Toby while doing construction work on the dilaurentis house.. Mr Hastings then later burned the hockey stick. but in the summer finale of season 2 it is revealed sa pamamagitan ng detective wilden that a hockey stick...
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posted by ClaraAllermann
Spencer is the "perfect girl" of the group. She gets in pag-ibig with her sister´s Melissa boyfriend. But when Melissa saw they were halik she gets angry with Spencer.
Spencer then starts dating a worker at the country club named Alex. But they broke up because of "A´s" falt.
Spencer was the only one of the four that was always competing with Alison.
Spencer also had a crush on Ian, her sister´s boyfriend, who the girls thought killed Ali.
Spencer then falls in pag-ibig with Toby. The girls thought at first that Toby may be the person who killed Alison.
Alison had a twin named Courtney but Courtney was mentally ill so no one knew about her so Courtney always pretended to be Alison so the parents sent Courtney away to a mentally ill hospital but she escaped then when she came back she acted like she was Alison and the parents acdently sent away the real Alison so then
the fake Alison (the one everybody knew and loved was really the mentally ill one) The fake one ditched all the real ones mga kaibigan and got with Hanna Spencer Emily and aria then the night the fake one went missing the real one escaped and the real Alison was so mad she killed and buried the fake Alison (that's how she died) then when Maya put all the fake ones stuff outside Mona found it and read all of her things you see the fake one had wrote n down all the 4 girls secrets down in journals and that's how it happened contact me for tanong :).........
According to Marlene King, executive producer of Pretty Little Liars, here are some spoilers for the season 4:
- we will meet Toby's mom (I know it's been sinabi in the Pilot that she died, so we don't really know if it will be a flashback or something like that)
- Ali will appear madami often (though, of course, it's not yet confirmed if she will be alive, a ghost, a twin, in a dream, flashback or whatever :p)
- Mona will stick around
AAAND, the most important spoiler (for me, at least):
- we will be introduced to a several new characters in Rosewood, some that are wanted from the books sa pamamagitan ng fans for a quite some time :D
Rush decisions are made when dealing with a wounded heart. When dealing with matters of heart, people react in many different ways: still crushed over her break-up, Spencer continues her downward spiral as she now takes her anger and hurt out on Mona. Caleb, on the other hand, hides his pain sa pamamagitan ng being closed off when discussing his father. But when Hanna devises a plan to bring father and son back together, will that help Caleb heal old wounds or just make things harder? And Aria, who is still missing Ezra, finds herself spending madami and madami time with Wes.

Meanwhile, Emily and Jason work together to put together the pieces of Ali's trip to Cape May and what really happen during that vacation.
-In 4x11, which is country themed, there will be couple scenes from all the couples, including Ezria.
-Emily will have a scene with Alison in this episode, which could be a hallucination, flashback, or dream.
-Cece patong lalaki is in the character listing for this episode but is sinabi to return in the summer finale so maybe she's in a flashback.
-A new character named Travis making his first appearance.
-A new character named Jackie, NOT Ezra's Jackie will appear in this episode.
-There will be a Paily scene, as well as other "OMG" moments.
-We supposedly will learn if it was really Ali who was buried and tried to get out.
-The Halloween episode this season is "the darkest one yet!."
-Oliver sinabi that there will be a great plot twist at the end of this episode. It will lead into Ravenswood, and even Season 4B.
Spencer and Emily make plans to visit a nearby college, but they have very different agendas for their time spent on campus. Spencer's singular focus in figuring out Ali's apparent connection to the school contradicts Emily's real fears about her plans for after she graduates. And after a stinging attack sa pamamagitan ng "A," Aria and her brother Mike don't see eye to eye regarding what's best for their parents.
Meanwhile, Hanna becomes increasingly frantic when she makes another horrifying discovery among her mom's things, leading her to make a desperate ilipat - with disastrous results.
posted by PLL_OrR1ot
*All the titles for the episodes leading up to the finale of Season 4:

-4x13: Grave New World [Halloween Special]
-4x14: Who’s In The Box? [Airs Jan. 7th]
-4x15: pag-ibig ShAck, Baby
-4x16: Close Encounters
-4x17: Bite Your Tongue
-4x18: Hot for Teacher
-4x19: Shadow Play
-4x20: Free Fall
-4x21: She’s Come Undone
-4x22: Cover For Me
-4x23: Unbridled
*Teasers during the episodes:

-We will find out madami about who died in the place of Alison in -4x14
-The girls will take a road trip to The Hastings lake house in 4x15
-The rumored pag-ibig interest for Mona might be Mike Mongomery.
-Spencer moves in with Toby for a while
-Spencer spirals down again 4x17
-The full episode will be in black and white 4x19
-Possible Toby might get kidnapped in 4B
-Spencer has a flashback to the night of Alison disappearance 4x21
-Someone get’s married in 4x23!
An intriguing riddle from -A has the Liars hitting the road and heading to Ravenswood, where they are surrounded sa pamamagitan ng some familiar faces. During a very special magic show, one Liar pulls a disappearing act, leaving the other three scrambling to make sure she hasn’t succumbed to -A’s tricks.
But before they can hightail it out of Ravenswood, they make a shocking discovery that proves that everything they thought they knew about -A and the -A team might be wrong. With this discovery, the Liars may just have started ‘World War A.’
Meanwhile, Hanna and her mother’s joyous reunion is cut short when -A’s sights are set on a new target. And Toby uncovers some surprising information about Wren.
With Spencer’s possible Board Shorts revelation, she is now madami determined than ever to prove her theory before bringing it to the other girls’ attention – especially since it could have a devastating effect on one of the Liars. But with many sleepless nights fueled sa pamamagitan ng prescription medication, Hanna starts to notice Spencer’s odd behavior. Will Detective Hanna be able to figure out Spencer’s secret before Spencer is ready to share?

Meanwhile, Emily looks to make amends with Alison through Shana, and all of Aria’s lies start to take a toll on her.
Hanna has some explaining to do to her parents and the police after she’s found with something she shouldn’t have. Mona spills a secret of Spencer’s to the other Liars – leading to hurt feelings amongst the group. Emily tries to help Hanna, only to have “A” turn the tables. And Aria helps out a friend of Mike’s, who gets the wrong impression of her.
Meanwhile, Shana keeps popping up in the most unusual places. And Spencer’s investigation into who was on the other end of Ali’s mysterious phone number leads her and Toby to Ravenswood – which is unlike any place they’ve ever seen.
posted by Angel_OUAT86
Ok so its been months since the thought of Ezra being A has been put in our heads and I think the viewers mga boto are split 50/50 on this. My personal opinion is that he is A.

So just here me out on this, way back in the summer when the girls discovered A' s lair, people brought up that Ezra followed the girls there and was angry that Aria hadn't told him about the new A and this is why he slammed the door and I have to admit that I thought this could be the case also that was until the ipakita returned this Januray and yes we can argue the case that the ipakita is making it way to obvious for Ezra...
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Zack, Ella's boyfriend, will be returning.

Mrs. DiLaurentis will be returning to Rosewood and living in the old DiLaurentis house. She is coming back with a agenda, which may seem dark.

Jason, Cece, Lucas, and Wren are ALL RETURNING this season.

Paige will be verry important in the first four episodes.

We will get some insight to who was buried or not buried the night Alison went missing. The flashback of the hand coming out of the ground with another pulling it out will be explained a but, according to Oliver Goldstick.

In 4x03 "Cat's Cradle," there will be a Paily scene involving a pool.
There will be a new character named Hector Lime, who makes masks.

In 4x04, "Face Time," there will be a new character named Linda Tanner, who is a cop.

*Face Time...maybe mugshot? Considering the new cop?

In 4x05, "Omega Sigma Die," Mike is sinabi to return!
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "Thrown from the Ride" - With Ali now back in Rosewood, she attempts to regain the role of leader of the group, but she finds her four mga kaibigan are not as willing to blindly follow her every whim as they once were. Besides feeling the pressure from Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are also feeling under the microscope at school with the high school focusing their attention on the Liars. While most kids are morbidly curious about what happened to Ali, some are madami focused on planning for Ali's return to school. Meanwhile, Aria's depression continues to spiral, and she looks for comfort from an unlikely source, on an all-new episode of ABC Family's hit original series "Pretty Little Liars," premiering Tuesday, July 1st (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT).
-Ezra is in season 5
-The liars, Ali, and Ezra are all currently in New York
-The liars will suspect Jason
-Lucas Returns and is a big part of 5x01
-Lucas is a big part of Hanna's story
-An 'unexpected' liar and her boyfriend will spiral (both go down a destructive path, neither are in the position to save the other)
-Alison returns to Rosewood
-Mona is at the tuktok of Ali's suspect list
-Season 5 picks up 'moments later' from the season 4 finale
-Melissa knows a big secret and is important in the first 12 episodes of season 5
-Ezra may redeem himself
-Shocking Twist in episode 5x02
-The 100th episode 5x05...
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Here are some officially confirmed spoilers for season 4B of PrettyLittle Liars which airs on January 2014:
~ We will definitely find out if Alison is dead or alive in the Halloween episode
~ We'll find out madami about Ezra's motives and whether or not he's Big -A in season 4B
~ We can expect some Ezra flashbacks
~ At least one person knows about Ezra and we will find out who in 4B
~ One of the liars will start to suspect Ezra early on in 4B, but will be very careful because of Aria
~ Maggie will be in season 4B
~ We will find out madami about Mrs. DiLaurentis
~ Mike and Andrew will be in 4B.
posted by HimymFriendsHP
So as it happened in the books, Ali has a twin called Courtney, and Courtney was mentally insane and was sent to the mental hospital, and switched places with Ali so she could have Ali's perfect life. Then Alison wanted revenge. So the stalked Courtney (who was pretending to be her) and was A. All the while, Alison was pretending to be Alison in disguise as Vivan Darkbloom (for example to Hanna [at the hairdresser]) So the real Alison used Vivan Darkbloom as a screen name while Coutney took the name of Alison DiLaurentis. And then Alison killed Courtney at the sleepover, and was A to Emily,...
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Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally get all of the sagot about what happened to Ali the night she disappeared in “A is for Answers,” the season finale of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing Tuesday, March 18th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).

After years of tanong and mystery surrounding the night Alison DiLaurentis disappeared, her four best mga kaibigan come face to face with Ali and finally learn what really happened to her that September night. Now with their newfound knowledge of Ali’s long-held secrets, can Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer help Alison finally figure out who “A” is?