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posted by Princetonlove01
It Lands On……Roc
Mya:Wait lets just play dares truth is boring
Prince: I dare you to……lick cream off Lydia’s stomach
Prod:It’s okay baby do the dare
Lydia:you sure
Paige:it’s okay do it
Prince:Hurry Up a dare is a dare
Roc:mumbles FREAK
Justine,Jamilah,Latrice and Bria: CTFU !!!
Roc:SHUT UP !!!!
Jawan:GOT THAT RIGHT !!!! High Fives Jacob
Prince:Hurry up n do the dare !!!
Roc gets the whip cream then lydia lays down roc squirts the cream on lydia’s stomach then licks it off with no passion lydia flinches...
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
 my outfit to dinnner
my outfit to dinnner
Jenna:nothing she was just here to talk
prince:did u tell her anything?
prince:good..i got to go bye
jenna:how did i go from ur sister to ur abusive girlfriend?
prince:...........i dont know..idgaf either
prince walks out the door then jenna grabs her phone and calls her friend zauria
zauria:wassup my igga
jenna:hey wigga
(thats there nick names for each other)
jenna:wanna go out
zauria:wish i could but cant
jenna:ughh fine

at beauty house

prince:hey bae
beauty:i dont wanna tALk to u
beauty:u have to marry that chick today
prince:im just...
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posted by Princetonlove01
::Jacob POV::

I can’t sleep a wink. I can only imagine how much she hates me right now. I miss her so much. Her kisses, her touch, her smell. Everything. I keep seeing her face everywhere I turn. Her voice keeps echoing in my mind. It’s about 4:00 a.m. I don’t care. I have to see her. I have to see if she’s ok. Even if she despises me at the moment. I got up and started to get my clothes on. I slowly began to walk to her house with so much on my mind. What if she doesn’t forgive me? What if she never wants to talk to me again? Or worse…what if she tried to….kill herself again....
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posted by RayRaycutie
at my house
*i put on ths super cute short black palda with ripped leggins a green tank n white stilettos n was on my way 2 princeton's house*

at his house
the place was jammed packed!!!!! i couldnt evn move!!!! or blink!!! but i decided 2 sit on the back patio where the pool iz n ppl already gttng wet

prince-hey victoria
prince-*sits beside me* u hvng fun yet
me-idk. ive nvr been 2 a party b4 n its weird 4 me cuz idk any of the ppl here!
prince-thts the most ive heard u say in a whole day
me-*laughs*but yeah i guess i am
prince-i wnna introduce u 2 sum ppl
prince-come on i promise...
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Really I sinabi turning around I knew who it was I knew that voice from and where and I didn't like it in fact I grew up to hats this voice. Diggy wat do u want now I asked aw nothin shawdy. U know supporting my bros he put his arm around roc shoulder and roc was looking at the ground. Let go guys prod sinabi we started walking and roc was still under diggy's arms. Come on roc prod sinabi wat wrong with u liya sinabi trying to put him. I circled around diggy and roc to examine them. Ik diggy is up to something. I was getting a temper and finally pushed diggy wat did u do to him XO I sinabi in his face....
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posted by princeton124
 Prince smile big
Prince smile big
One araw I was walkin' sa pamamagitan ng a house and i saw a really cute group of boys standing on a porch.

Me:hi guys
Boys:hey cuttie
Prince:ur cute
Prince:u look like a nice girl
Me:thank u , same to u
Prince:aww,I like u already
Me:well,i liked u when i first saw u
Prince:o.k well can i get your numba,please
Me:sure thing

I gave him my numba and then he gave me his then, I left and went tahanan to get dressed for my party.Then that reminded me I should call Princeton and his mga kaibigan to come over.

Me:wanna come to my party
Prince:sure,can the guys come?
Prince:o.k,what time is...
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" what do u mean??? u dont have to go u can ditch that afro puffed idiot prrrrinceton" he said
" what!!!?? he is no afro puffed idiot!!!! he is the bestest man in the whole world i am not gonna let u talk about my man like dat so u need to get urself together!!! jerk!!!" i explained
" chill out jenny" he said
" dont call me that!!!!! my name aint jenny its jenet!!!stupid head!!!" i said
" well i am gonna call u jenny and ur gonna call me big papa" sinabi diggy
" no i am gonna call u bye cause i'm leaven" i said
i got up from the bench but then i felt a
tight grip on my arm . i was pulled back...
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posted by mb_rules
-Hey people, thanks for supporting ALL my articles. BTW Princeton's b-day is April 21st, in the story Wednesday is his b-day-

//Runs to the doors of the school
???: Keke?
Me: Emma? What you doing here?
Emma: Umm...I was called to do the work I missed.
Me: Me too.

//We both walk to the Principle's office

WP: (Looks up) Sit down. You both will be ibingiay loads of work to do at home. That is to be completed and returned Wednesday.
Emma&Me: WHAT?!?
WP: (Gives us both a stern look then hands us both a week of work)
Emma: (Shrieks)
Me: Is this work for the whole week?!
WP: Yes.....I guess this is to be returned...
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posted by Princess_Chy143
ahaha it was so funny anyway
Prince's POV
What The HELL is he doing with her!!!!!uhhhhh he picked the wrong girl!!!!..i'm gonna stop this!!
prince: uy dawn
D/R: *ignoring him*
Prince: ahemmmmm!!
Dawn: oh uy prince..
Roc: sup man*does handshake*
Prince: sup so what yall two doing over here?
Roc: oh just agreeing on our date..
Prince:oh..WAIT WHAT!!?
Dawn: were going on date!
Prince: *glaring at her*
Roc: yup and it's gonna be the best petsa ever!
Dawn: awwwwwwww
ewwwwwwwww Awwww Hellll No!!!!!!!!!!
prince:dawn can i speak to you in private....
Dawn: sure...
(in private)
Prince: WHAT THE...
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posted by Princetonlove01
::Mya POV::

Finally we all got on the bus and were on our way to the zoo. The teacher sinabi that as we traveled we have to do a worksheet as we go along. I sat in the front of the bus sa pamamagitan ng myself looking outside the window. I could feel my lip throbbing. I could feel someone staring at me. I looked to my right to see Jacob on the upuan right across from me. See, I told you this chico doesn’t give us easily. I wish I could’ve gotten to know him madami though. Oh, who am I kidding?! He doesn’t want me just like Briana said! He only feels bad. Speak of the devil, I turned to my right and saw Briana...
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posted by luvinmymusic
If you like boys with the gift of great music, then you know Mindless Behavior. Within the group is Princeton. Princeton is the third oldest. He's a Tarus, born April 20,1997, in Los Angeles, Califoria. He's cute with a beautiful mind. His paborito color is green and his biggest pet-pev is when he's sleeping around people that snores. He's a mix between African American and Mexican and has the punk-rock/vintage. Princeton loves rock music. He have a Yorkshire Terrier, the name is argued to be Beans or Burrito. Princeton is an olny child so he thinks of Prodigy, Roc, and Ray-Ray as brothers. Princeton is a cute, sweet, smart boy. He's so smart he even skipped a grade.
They took me to jail and made me answer lots of tanong but I couldn't think, all I could think about was princeton lying on the floor in a puddle of his own blood
That same image kept going through my head, of him just there struggling to breath but still trying to tell me something
Detective: So why did you do it?
Me: I haven't done anything, I wouldn't, I couldn't, I found him there
Detective: But how would you know to find him in their
Me: I didn't I got a call from...
From... Uh um from
Detective: From who leah, who called you?
Me:Aidan,... aidan called me he's the one that tried to kill jacob,*I...
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posted by mb_rules
-What is up everybody!! Here is Episode 19!! pag-ibig yall!-

Prince: What?
Me: You heard me because i know you ain't deaf!
Prince: It's not true! Im not dating Dana!!
Me: (groans angrily) All boys are the same!! Yall all lie!
Prince: Tf would u know?! Have u tried them all?!!
Me: (Silence 4 moment) Fck dat question!! Now answer mine! ARE U DATING DANA!?
Prince: (Yelling at me) FOR THE LAST TIME, NO!!!!!! WHY DA HELL WOULD U CARE?! U sinabi U HATED ME!!!!
Me: *nobody has yelled at me like dat b4* (In a quiet voice) Princeton, i'm-
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
Princeton:Hey sis this our room right here.
Jenna:awhll im comin
(just as she is about to walk in the door Roc grabs her)
Roc:Come wit me
Jenna:No im stayin with my brother.
Roc:Awhl i see how it is.
(He leaves and goes to his room)
Princeton:Look i didnt want to tell you this but i guess im gonna have to Jenna Roc is dating bituin from the Omg girlz.
(Jenna stands there in shock amd just looks at princton)
Princeton:Jenna you ok?look i know it hurts but u gotta ilipat on
(He grabs her and hugs her really tight and Jenna starts crying)
Jenna:I have to go somewhere real quick i'll be back in a few.
Princeton:Ok you sure u don't want me to come with you?
Jenna:No i have to do this sa pamamagitan ng myself.
(She goes to Rays room and kisses him and rubs him)
Ray:I don't know what you are doing but i'm loving it.
(Then he picks her up and takes her to bed)
"Omg your princeton fron mindless behavior" I screamed as I dropped the stick from my hands princeton smiled at me and gave me a flirty look then said
Prince:" hi and you are"
Me:"oh im leah
Prince: "so what are you doing out here"
Me:" um actully im Nawawala and I have no idea where I am"
Prince:"really cos im Nawawala I was just with my boys then I got bored and walked off and look at me now"
Me: it is 9:00pm and now where gonna be eaten alive sa pamamagitan ng bears that come out in the night" I sinabi dramatically
Then princeton stopped me and sinabi "were not going to be eaten sa pamamagitan ng bears and your not going to die,just stick...
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posted by RayRaycutie
-___- sorry u guys...schoolwork....homeowrk....writeoff's...EVRYTHING!!!! *eye roll* mayne i swear!!! UGGGG!!! n hav u guys ever seen that cideo "single ladies backwards" freakiest ish ive EVER seen!!!! bey is luminotic...or howwver u spell it. if u guys hav the strength enough 2 look it up...dnt freak. lol i was scared 2 go 2 sleep last night!!! ANYWAY...story time cuz i havnt been writng but ive been busy so sorry!!! HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!!

my pov
prince iz jacobe??? jacobe is prince??? u got 2 be kidding me!!!

at school the susunod day

me-HE'S WAT??? R U KIDDING?!?!?! DNT U DARE LIE 2 ME DEE!!!! TF?!!!!...
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
Keke looks at me then Diggy then i looked at her then Diggy
Jenna:y..yea sure
Keke:I'll be outside
Keke leaves then Diggy slaps me.And i fall to the floor
Diggy:Thought i forgot and was gone let you just walk out huh?
Jenna:I am sorry i made a big mistake walking out that door just don't hit me ok?
Diggy:Baby I'm not gonna hit you,come here
I go and sit on Diggy's lap and he starts halik me hard
Diggy:You know you like it
Princeton walks in and looks at my red face then Diggy
Jenna:Diggy stop
Diggy:Bitch i sinabi nawhl
He see's Princeton
Diggy:Wassup Bro
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posted by Ilu-princeton
While we though everyonelse was sleep, diggy and Janae stayed up talkin allnight. They gave eachother their number, told secrets, asked questions, and then their eyes met. They started halik uncontrollably and then they stopped. Diggy took off his sando and janae took hers off. Dont worry, she had a tank tuktok on and stuff. They kissed and then he sinabi " i like you alot and i wanna be with you, will you be my yes! She sinabi cutting him off. They kissed and fell asleep in eachothers arms. The morning came and everyone was woke except janae and diggy. Mimi looked at them and sinabi awww, my bestie...
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posted by princetonbaby_5
 prince outside waitin' on me
prince outside waitin' on me
On a warm sunny friday afternoon............

I was walkin' tahanan from school and I bumped into someone and I apologized for bumping into them on accident.

Me:sorry about that I was'nt lookin' where I was going
Boy:it's o.k angel face,my name is Princeton
Me:My name is Michelle
Princeton:well i'm sorry for bumpin' into you to

After we apologized I asked if he wanted to come to the mall tommorow with me and my friennds to pick some stuff up for my party ,he sinabi yes and I got his number so I could call him.

Me:so call you later
Princeton:yea angel face*kisses my cheek*
Me:*kisses him back on the cheek*...
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