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posted by RayRaycutie
in the car
me-*txtng india*
prince-*txtng ray*
me-u kno ur suppose 2 be lookng at the road rite?
me-smh hatn

prince's pov
i dnt wnna talk 2 ths girl.

my pov
ths boy bettah reconize!!!!!

prince-im not hatn. u just got a bad attitude.
me-no i dnt!!! n u got a big azz head!!!!
prince-thts not wat u sinabi b4
me-i waznt thinkng!!!!!!
prince-*fake laugh* lol okay
me-*hits his arm*
prince-dnt touch me
me-wat u gnna do if i keep doing it?!
prince-i might n i might not hit u back
me0u cnt hit a girl!!
prince-i dnt abide 2 rules
me-*rolls eyes*
prince-*pulls in2 my driveway n i get out n slam the door*
prince-*gets out n blocks my way* no goodnight or thanks 4 drivng u home?
me-goodnight n thanks 4 drvng me home!!!!! *mumbles* u afro puffed bastrd
prince-*mumbles* btch
me-*tackles him 2 ground* dnt call me tht!!!!
prince-dnt call me afro puff
me-y not?! its wat u look lik!!!!
prince-n u look lik a ho
me-no u ddnt
prince-yeahhh i did
me-im not a ho!!!!! ur the only guy i had it with anyway!!!
prince-u look lik one dressed lik tht!
me-there pajamas retard
prince-im not a retard ur the dumb one!!
me-i get straight A's!!!
prince-they lie so they wont hav 2 hav u in the same class evry year
me-i cnt stand u! n i swear if ppl werent around rite now-
prince-ur not gnna do anythng!!!
me-try me
me-ur really fckng me up rite now
prince-good! cuz thts xactly how ur face looks lik!
me-omg! ME?! u cnt evn grind!!!! i dnt get y girls fall out 4 u!!!!
prince-i look good n i can get anythng with my smile!!!
me-no u cnt! u hav a FAKE smile!
prince-*flips our postions* okay ur on my bad side now
me-ooooo im scaredddd!!!! NOT!!!
prince-were suppose 2 be workng ths out n ur being btchy about it!!
,me-ME?! WAT ABOUT U?!
prince-im not the wannbe one
me-well neither am i!!!
prince-plz! u always tryn 2 pretend u got sumthn!!! but u DONT
me-smh thts not the way i see it!!!
prince-well thts the way it iz!
me-tf u think u tlkng 2 nigga?!
me-*looks around* not me! ill kick yo afro azz head in a second!!!!
prince-try me!
me-okay *punches him* wat u gnna do NOW?!
prince-*punches me so hard he givs me a blck eye*
me-oh h3ll nawl!!!!
prince-yeah. u just got punched. how does it feel?! oh thts rite u kno cuz uve been hit b4!!!
me-F U!!!!
prince-wen n where?!
prince-remembered wen u likd ths freak?!
me-tht waz in the past get ovr it!!!
prince-i cnt get out the past cuz u cnt get out of it!!!
me-MOVE ON PRINCE!!!! dnt u kno who u r?! ur famous!!!! n ur tlkng 2 a nobdy!!!!! u can just leave n go break sum othr girls hearts cuz u estola mine already!!!! i had feelings 4 u but i dnt now n just GO!!!! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!! n wen i say THT i mean 4 and evr!!!!!
prince-*gets off me* if u want me 2 fine thn
me-*gets up* BYE THEN!!!

at school friday i wear black skinny jeans a purple tank n white stilettoes

roc-hey lil mama!
me-leave me the h3ll alone
prod-*grabs my waist n pulls me close 2 him* but we want u
me-i dnt want ANY of u!!! *pushes him away frm me xtra hard*
india comes ovr 2 us
dee-wtf iz going on here?!
me-nothng come on *grabs her hand n we go 2 class*

in class we hav 2 write boring notes while the teacher told us boring stuff
me-*writing sum mga tula in my journal lik i always do thn look 2 my side n sees prince doing the same*
me-*gets out fone n txts india*

txt convo
me-how come u werent with sinag 2day?
dee-wat do u mean?
me-u guys always ipakita up 2gthr
dee-u would hav 2 kill me b4 i go out with him!!!!!
end of txt convo

me-*thinkng* wat in the world?! but they-
kids start laughng at me n sayng mean thngs n stuff throwng paper n stuff.. but thn

me-*wakes up screamng*
sinag dee n prince run in the door *dee holdng a pistol sinag holdng a bat n prince empty handed*
dee-wats rong?!
me-nightmare i guess
dee-r u okay? u blanked out 2day!!!
ray-u blanked out wen me n prince came ovr 4 our projects.
prince-retard 4 school!!!
dee-u 4got?!
'me-i remember nothng
prince-i told yall she was dumb!!!
ray-yeah u did
dee-stfu yall!!
ray-who iz u tlkn 2?!
dee-u dumbell!!!!
sinag n dee start aruging thn dee just put her hand in his face n wlkd ovr 2 me
me-but u guys r a couple!!!
me-wat?! but u n sinag me n prince-
prince-xcuse me?!
prince-did u say we were a couple?!
prince-tht waz a fckd up dream thn
prince-on nothng
me-u wish!
dee-dnt tlk 2 her lik tht u aint the boss of nobd! stndn there tryng 2 be bad! PLZ!!!
sinag n prince-*look at each othr lik, "wat ths nigga just say?!"*
ray-badder than u!
me-*gets out of kama n goes up 2 him thn looks him up n dwn* aint NOBDY badder thn my girl so get yp damn facts straight!!!
ray-prince she tlkng 2 u!
prince-no she aint! its u!
ray-um...u guys r at prince's house

my pov
im soooo embarassed!!!!! my n my big fat mouth!!!

dee-thts okay! WE CAN LEAVE *grabs my arm but the boys block our path wen we got 2 the door*
ray-yall cnt go!
me-who's stopping us?! *reaches 4 doorknob*
princes-*smacks my hand away*
me-nigga u bttr reconie
prince-lol okay! *fake laugh*
ray-prince's mom sinabi u guys had 2 stay here cuz we're "friends"
dee-oh no! tell her we decided 2 leave!!!!
me-b4 i kick sum azz!!!!
prince-u aint gon do nothn!
me-*jumos at him but sinag pushes me back*
ray-dnt start nothng up in here dang!!!!
dee-get out of our way n we WONT!!!!
me-hold up! *looks at her lik she crazy* i nvr agreed on not fckng thm up!!!!
dee-*rolls eyes n opens the door but sinag picks her up sa pamamagitan ng her waist n brings her back in n i almost jump sinag but prince holds me back*
ray-*tired sigh* can u plz just go back 2 bed?!
me-no we leavn n boy get yo hands off of me!!!
prince-*in my ear while dee n sinag fightn* go back 2 kama now. ur stayng here the rest of the night
princce-*lets me go n i grab dee frm ray's grasp n go back 2 bed*
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the susunod day:

someone knocked on the door then she ran up to answer it.

" uy everyone meet my new boy friend." she said

" diggy???!!" we all shouted
" uy y'all uy jenet" he said
" oh hi diggy i am so happy 4 u !!!!" i sinabi as i gave him a hug. " i have finnally found the one she beautieful and smart and not to menchion beautyful and befor i couldnt get to her and now i know shes mine" he explained
while holding my hand.
" diggy that was so beautieful" i said.
" ok ok " sinabi princeton.
t-t stepped on his foot.
" ur suposed to pretend ur dating me not go flirten with jenet" she whispered

" awww...
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I wish I was body 2 body with him
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posted by Princetonlove01
I don’t know how to start it off so imma skip to 3 weeks later….
( twist p.o.v)
The girls are still mad at deijah except for Mya …I don’t know how the two get along but deijah been helping prince And Mya
Since Mya got out of the hospital.. why is she changing now I know Mya is a cool person I even like her but deijah has always been mean I remember when we was lil she took my lolipop while on my steps sittin down about to lick it and to keep. It she told my mom I hit her …
I knw it sounds stupid but that lolipop was good ….and Jawan agrees with me ..
Twist: deijah me and Jawan...
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posted by luvinmymusic
If you like boys with the gift of great music, then you know Mindless Behavior. Within the group is Princeton. Princeton is the third oldest. He's a Tarus, born April 20,1997, in Los Angeles, Califoria. He's cute with a beautiful mind. His paborito color is green and his biggest pet-pev is when he's sleeping around people that snores. He's a mix between African American and Mexican and has the punk-rock/vintage. Princeton loves rock music. He have a Yorkshire Terrier, the name is argued to be Beans or Burrito. Princeton is an olny child so he thinks of Prodigy, Roc, and Ray-Ray as brothers. Princeton is a cute, sweet, smart boy. He's so smart he even skipped a grade.
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