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posted by ajmindless
WARNING This artikulo may be inapropriate for some users

In the Room

Prince:(kisses her neck) you taste nice
Prince:come on ipakita me your dirty side
AJ:you dont want to see my dirty side
Prince:i want to
AJ:fine shut up and ill go dirty
Prince:thats what i like lay downs ma lady
AJ:(lays down)hit me
Prince:(removes her dress and kisses her slowly)
He untacks her bra and removes her undies
Prince:(lies on her and continues halik her)
AJ:for fuck sake stop halik me stupid afro boy
Prince:(removing his shirt) dont call me that
AJ:or else what
Prince:(moves his pants and underwear)
Goes in super fast
Prince:what is my name
AJ:afro puff
Prince:(goes in faster) whats it
Prince:*tries to play with her boobs*
AJ:weve had sex im done here
Prince:what come on babe
AJ:bye nigga (puts on clothes and goes outside)

They go out and everyone looks at them weird

Ray:im out
AJ:right behind ya ray
Brii and Roc:what did you do
Prince:nothing i think

Now i just remebered these 2 lovers

Keke is now 9 months pregnant

Keke: link

Keke:babe i think my water broke
Diggy:ok lets go to the hospital
Keke:wait how u so cool
Diggy:just get in the car
Keke:ru- ohh fuck
Keke:this shit hurts

In the hospital......

Dr:ok well get her in the kama and well it will happen
Dr:sadly u cant come in to see this process
Diggy:if i could see her naked in kama i can see her now
Dr:not this again
Diggy:every time i come her the same damn thing
Dr:ok just cool of and do whatever you want
Diggy:thats all i want

With sinag and AJ

RAY:*real quiet*
AJ:*super quiet*

P.S theyre at some beach

Ray:u liked it didnt you
AJ:like what
Ray:what happened in that room
AJ:i dont know
Ray:how could u not know
AJ:i just dont
Ray:u lok like a stripper
AJ:i know
Ray:ur makin me pag-ibig you more
AJ:(laughs) so you like strippers
Ray:no only you
AJ:(stares into his eyes)
Ray:i luv u
AJ:i luv you too
Ray:wait you actually sinabi it
They halik then tounge halik then eventually they were making out

Prince:(pulls up in a white ferrari) sinag get the fuck off of my girl

AJ: oh my

What will happen will they fight...will they kill each other

To Be Continued
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