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I hope you pag-ibig this video & please put comments & please no bad comments & thank you & have a nice day!!!!!!
mindless behavior
dj big deal
mar 11 2013
At this point I told this girl that #Princeton was a punk rocker kid type. And she sinabi I hate #Princeton. I was lik just because he is a punk rock kid. She sinabi yea and now at this point we are not friends. She is not a true #Mindless fan. I kno I'm a true mindless tagahanga cuz I don't care wat Princeton likes or do. Punk rock dragging at this point all the mindless hatred need to find something else to hate on. Hater are the dumbest pll to me cuz they sit and spend there time trying to see wat mindless behavior is doing.................................

puso breaking news for loyal Mindless Behavior fans everywhere. Kontrol Magazine has been exclusively told that group member Prodigy is no longer with the group. Yes. You read it right. Lead singer Prodigy has left the building.

The group (who have been together since 2008) have enjoyed huge successes with hit singles such as(“My Girl” and “Mrs. Right). They have been a little quiet of late, but I certainly didn’t see this one coming.

Now i cannot give too much away, but the streets also tells us that “Like Em All” crooner Jacob Latimore will be Prodigy’s replacement. Latimore...
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I hope you pag-ibig this video & please put comments & please no bad comments & thank you & have a nice day!!!!!!
mindless behavior
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sep 17 2012
posted by mb_rules

Me: (Pulls away from him)
Prince: (Staring at sinag with a FURIOUS face)

//My P.O.V
He saw me pull away from sinag so he's not mad at me! Good!!

Roc: (Staring at me like "Did you like it?")
Prince: (Yells) RAY!!!!!
Ray: Everybody been halik her! I wanted to try!
Me: (Stands up)
Roc: Dayyyyuuummm, Kendra when I kissed you I.....(Stops talking sa pamamagitan ng the look on Princeton's face)
Prince: (Pushes Roc then grabs one of Ray's braids and attempting to pull it off)
Ray: LET GO YOU FCKIN' PRETTY BOY!!!! (Starts struggling like crazy)
Me: (Walks over to...
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
I pushed Roc off me
jenna:uhh.....hey b...bae
prince:wth going on!?
jenna:bae nothin we just went to the pelikula and came back
prince:then why in the hell were yall about to kiss?!
jenna:we wernt we were just talki-
before she could finish prince grabbed her arm and took her to his room and locked the door.
jenna:prince let go that hurts!
prince:idgaf deal wit it
he threw her on the bed.
jenna:prince wat are u doing?!
prince got so red and angry that that he slapped her and she hit the pader wit her face
prince:kiss him or even get closer to him....lets just say u dont wannna know
he walked out the...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
They all put on pj's. Mimi put on a spaghetti strap tank tuktok with furry pj pants. All the girls had on the same tuktok but different mga kulay and same pants to match exept D. She hod furry pj shorts and they all through on ug-boots. (However you spell that). Diggy decided to perform with MB so he crashed in the tour bus too. Meahwhile, lets go check on the boys.......
Prince: i wonder how the girls doin and what they up to. "Knock, knock". Roc opened the door. He sinabi "speaking of the girls, here they are. The girls sinabi hi and kissed the boys hello. sinag and Prod was playin the game. Mimi, tookie,...
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posted by awesomegirl101
morning :

alarm clock: ding!!!!!!!

theo : *magical turns off her alarm clock and gets out of bed* good morning monday !!!

monday : *still asleep*

theo : * trying to wake her up* monday!!! monday!!! wake up!!!! we're gonna be late for school!!!!

monday : * yawns * w......wah?????

theo : wake the fuck up!!!

monday : * gets outta kama * wat ever

soon the two girls headed out to school.

theo : i wanna go pick up snow and love!!!

monday : ok c'mon thursday . *picks up thursday *

thursday : well c'mon lets go!!!

theo : put a mussel on yo cat!!

thurday: shut up girl

theo : * about 2 manuntok the cat * shut...
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posted by LA_Griffin
::Lakinda's POV::

We went to pizza hut,and had a great time.He really is a sweet person.We were talking about alot of different things.He was talking about how he like to stand out,and I told him how I loved music.We had our pizza and he sinabi he was going to walk me home.When we got to my house I invited him inside,I asked"do you wanna watch a movie?"He said"Yeah, I got time"I put in Guess who.He sat sa pamamagitan ng me on the sopa and we watched the movie.After the movie,he had to leave.So we both sinabi we'll see each other tomorrow.

::Jacob's POV::

I really like lil mama,and I ain't gone lie,she got hips!! I don't care what you say,I like her personality and her body.I got to know her,and I think that we gon be GF/BF sa pamamagitan ng the end of the week.The only thing I don't know about her is her name.Crazy right? Well I'm gonna get her name tomorrow. And since she like dancing,I'll ask her to the dance.I only seen her ilipat a little,but on Friday,I'll see how she really dance ; ).....
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-I'M BAAACK!! New character played sa pamamagitan ng Geekygirl1999 her name is Lana, She likes to eat a lot, sing, dance, party, act like a lil kid, she's thick, light skin, long red hair, pulls pranks ALL the time and is R Rated! Don't forget Kekeisoscool143 playing Keke, she's still Roc's girlfriend! Alright enough talk, let us start!!-

//So it's been 2 months since the big breakup with Princeton. My birthday passed *i'm 16 now, May 2nd* and i'm having a sleep over with Keke and Dana at my house
<><>Author's Note: Actually my b-day is April 2nd and i'm still 15 right now<><>

Keke: (Wearing...
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