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Ok The boy had went out so we Went to go skatin
This is what we wore it`s just on outfit,link
Kylee:Yall ready
We went to the skatin rink and got our skates
Kylee:Is that the boyz
Lana:And with other girlz
Paris:Yea and i`m mad
Us:We are2 lets go over there
Kylee:Prod wtf are you doing with another girl
Prod:It`s not what it looks like Ky
Kylee:No uy you
Kylee:Yea you asong babae why you with my baby
Girl:First my name is not asong babae it`s Kiara and yo baby he`s mine
Kylee:Fuck u Prod i hate you(Runs away crying)
Lana:Now see what u did Craig you madee her cry
Roc:Ok let me go talk to her...
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posted by RayRaycutie
in the car
me-*txtng india*
prince-*txtng ray*
me-u kno ur suppose 2 be lookng at the road rite?
me-smh hatn

prince's pov
i dnt wnna talk 2 ths girl.

my pov
ths boy bettah reconize!!!!!

prince-im not hatn. u just got a bad attitude.
me-no i dnt!!! n u got a big azz head!!!!
prince-thts not wat u sinabi b4
me-i waznt thinkng!!!!!!
prince-*fake laugh* lol okay
me-*hits his arm*
prince-dnt touch me
me-wat u gnna do if i keep doing it?!
prince-i might n i might not hit u back
me0u cnt hit a girl!!
prince-i dnt abide 2 rules
me-*rolls eyes*
prince-*pulls in2 my driveway n i get out n slam the door*
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posted by Princetonlove01
When Ray-Ray and mya get in the car and return to the hotel together.

Everybody is still blowing up Jazmine phone.

Princeton starts to text jazmine cell:
P: Baby please please text me back i miss you and i pag-ibig you i want us to be happy please text me back or call me.

M:Baby I am fine I am on my way to you Ray-Ray is came to pick me up I will be there soon.


M: I was at a hotel four blocks up from the club.

P: Okay baby i will see you when you get here.
(End of Text Conversation)

Princeton run quickly back in the room and tells the others that...
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Each of them gave a little smurk . Then me and the girls went up stair chang into our sleep clothes . I had kulay-rosas and purple short set .The other had shorts tees .so we cam back dwn stair and sat between the legs that we sat sa pamamagitan ng in the moves. We was watch pag-ibig and basket ball. I told Princeton I was get hungry so cme in the kicth with me. He sinabi " okay " .( so we got up went into the kicth) . He sinabi " wat you want ". I sinabi "you ,he sinabi me " I sinabi yea." you baby." we'll he sinabi what you want me two do ?. I sinabi hold me in your arm and halik me own my neck and go own down.". So he grab me by...
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Recap:soon after the drama and briana petsa with roc.

It’s 12:00pm and everyone is waking up. Prince:baby baby girl wake up it’s your birthday today wake up he shakes her gently Mya:hmmmmmmm baby I am sleep wake me later it’s too earlie to be up. Prince:baby no it’s not it’s 12:00. Mya:oh nawwwwww you is lien. Prince:nope. Mya and Princeton get up and get dress he takes her lunch. Mya wears this link. And Princeton wears this link. They hop into the car and drove into the city to eat. Brianna cell phone rings. It’s prodigy. Bri: hello. Prodigy: uy girl. Bri: was good buddy. Prodigy:...
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posted by Princetonlove01
the susunod morning
nasha p.o.v
(I woke up and sinag sinag was sleeping ..and he was dreaming about me cause he kept saying nasha I pag-ibig u..Aww he so cute when his asleep)
(I got to see whose awake to find roc and Samii on the sopa being died quiet with each other ) (why do I always find them alone..)
(I ease drop to see if they were going to say anything..)
end of p.o.v
Samii p.o.v
(I was watching t.v and I saw roc coming out his room)
Samii: out all people who is on this bus u have to come out..Uggh!
Roc: Samii can I talk to u
Samii:(Uggh) ok fine roc…
Roc: look Samii I was stupid..
Samii: yeah...
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