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With thier debut album, Mindless Behavior searched for thier #1 girl. They are now taking thier fans to new heights with thier sophomore effort, All Around The World.

But Before they embark on thier journey , we wanted to find out thier ideas that would be a perfect first date.

Roc Royal: " The best place for a petsa is the beach. You take her to a hapunan and a walk on the beach."

Princeton: " I got an idea from my uncle Nacho. I would take her to a vintage album store. She would pick her music that's she want to listen to, and I would pick something I would pick something that I want her to hear."...
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Princetons dressing room
Prince: so umm what was up with you callin me and hangin up?? Mya: oh that was my cousin Tuliyah. she didnt believe that i actually met you. we have history of prankin each other. laughs Prince: oh so…that girl…shes your cousin?? Mya: yeah why? Prince: because i think sinag might be fond of her. laughs Mya: laughs i guess. Prince: um…were gonna be here for a while so how about we hang out tomorrow and the araw after that until we leave?? Mya: how long is that exactly?? Prince: chuckles um maybe a week idk…maybe longer. Mya: okay ill think about it. anyways did...
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The susunod day...

Josh: are you ready?
Me: ready for what?
Josh: kickboxing
Me: Im busy, I can't go
Josh: you have to go
Me: No I don't and I've got other things on my mind other than just kickboxing
I ran out the door and called prodigy
Me: Is he with you, is he ok, has anything happened? Talk to me
Prod: calm down he's fine, he's in his room sleeping
Me: O ok * I took a breath of releif*
Me: Im coming over
prod: ok i'll see you soon
I hung up the phone and then I made my way to princeton's house

Princeton's house
Princeton woke up and picked up his phone to check for any calls or messages,
Then his phone started...
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omg princeton
mindless behavior
princeton omg
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prince look soo cute
mindless behavior
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okay so busy alot n my mom iz takn time off my computer time n lik....SCHOOOL iz gttng on my nerves n if u guys cnt read this, sorry its early n i cnt type rite now!!! oksy??? so the stry!!!!

india-U DID WAT????
ray-HE DID WAT?????
tasha-who did wat?????
prod-*oming up 2 us* uy guys
me-hey told me...about...u 2...n im sorry 4 the way he's been actng but he just HATES it wen ppl call him afro puff
me-smh wouldve been nice 2 kno!!!!!!
prod-*just laughs*
roc-so hungry yall wnna get sum FOOOD????
dee-dang!!!!! yo greedy self lego thn!!!!
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conutied convo(however u spell it)
Mya : yeah I’m fine.. Doing nothing right now
Jawan: (mumbles) yeah , u r fine..
Mya: huh(I smiled a little )
Jawan: what
Mya: u justed sinabi something about me
Jawan: what you talking about..
Mya: I might of Nawawala my memory but I’m not stupid, Jawan Harris!
Jawan: (he laughs) ok u heard but if u come meet me out side maybe I can tell you,,what do you say??
Mya: (I ran out in the living room and I looked through the window he was actually there ..)(waving at me)
Jawan: Ello? U there cause I see u ..
(I could see him smiling at me)
Mya: yeah I’m here…...
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three buwan after the pag-ibig catstrophy me and prince got back together IDK how but we saw eachother and started talking and we got to bieng bf and gf..

me; i cant belive were in london for christmass my first time in london its sooo cool
prince; IKR its amazing all the lights and christmass puno cant wait till christmass itomorrow
kayla; dayami lets go see the big christmass tree
me; yeah come on jacob
prince; yeah ok
kayla; when are those two boys gonna come
prince; they getting a mesa for us
me; for what
prince; donno maybe a segundo dinner
me; nah i'll pass
then a lady came to us saying hello and merry...
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*Sorry I have not written any of my story school is killing me with homework and extra curricular activities so to the story *

Recap:Prod asked Lydia on a date. To the story

Jawan and Latrice’s Room:

Jawan:Staring at Latrice
Latrice:Feels him staring at her and wakes up were you watching me?
Jawan:No…….I couldn’t help it
Latrice:awww so what are we doing today ?
Jawan:we are going on a petsa

Jacob and Bria’s Room*
They are both awake
Jacob:I wanna take you on a petsa today
Bria:Yay so where are we going ?
Jacob:its a surprise
Bria:awww okay

Mya and Princeton’s...
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