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I hope you pag-ibig this video & please put comments & please no bad comments & thank you & have a nice day!!!!!!
mindless behavior
feb 24 2013
I hope you pag-ibig this video & please put comments & please no bad comments & thank you & have a nice day!!!!!!
mindless behavior
all around the world
take over at radio disney
jan 30
posted by mb_rules
-Awkward right?-

Ray: So, you-
(My phone rings)
Me: Wait...

Me: (Answers it) Hi Keke.
Keke: Can I meet you tomorrow instead of Friday?!
Me: you have school?
Keke: No classes on Tuesdays!
Me: *dang -_-* I wish I were going to your school. I get off at 3:30, but usually I get sent tahanan or somethings happen.
Keke: Ok...where do you live?
Me: I'll call you.
Keke: Ok...bye! (Hangs Up)

Ray: (looks at me annoyed) Who was that?
Me: Nun ya.
Ray: What?
Ray: Are you-
Me: Ray, what do you want?
Ray: So you do know your break up with Prince is effecting the group right?
Me: And why...
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posted by Princetonlove01
It Lands On……Roc
Mya:Wait lets just play dares truth is boring
Prince: I dare you to……lick cream off Lydia’s stomach
Prod:It’s okay baby do the dare
Lydia:you sure
Paige:it’s okay do it
Prince:Hurry Up a dare is a dare
Roc:mumbles FREAK
Justine,Jamilah,Latrice and Bria: CTFU !!!
Roc:SHUT UP !!!!
Jawan:GOT THAT RIGHT !!!! High Fives Jacob
Prince:Hurry up n do the dare !!!
Roc gets the whip cream then lydia lays down roc squirts the cream on lydia’s stomach then licks it off with no passion lydia flinches...
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
I pushed Roc off me
jenna:uhh.....hey b...bae
prince:wth going on!?
jenna:bae nothin we just went to the pelikula and came back
prince:then why in the hell were yall about to kiss?!
jenna:we wernt we were just talki-
before she could finish prince grabbed her arm and took her to his room and locked the door.
jenna:prince let go that hurts!
prince:idgaf deal wit it
he threw her on the bed.
jenna:prince wat are u doing?!
prince got so red and angry that that he slapped her and she hit the pader wit her face
prince:kiss him or even get closer to him....lets just say u dont wannna know
he walked out the...
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posted by mb_rules
-Episode 5 is gonna be awesome!! i'll make ep.6 soon-

//The susunod araw *which is Tuesday*

Me: (Sitting on the sopa watchin' t.v) *IM SO HAPPY ABOUT NOT GOIN' TO SKOOL, but my stomache is hurting like crazy! Mom's at work, idc where Ugly grandma Betty is, so i'm stuck....wit jen*
Jen: (comes downstairs and sits on the couch, then looks at me)
Me: *she knows my weakness, I CAN'T STAND IT WEN PPL STARING AT ME*
Jen: You are a dummy! Yesturday, i wanted your breakfest and u didn't give it to me!

//my pov:
wtf did she just say!! -_-
//end pov//

Me: *gimmie a break, my stomache was hurting me* (says it plainly)...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Three Months later after the break up.....
Destine: Beautiful day!
Christi: Yep...still strong about the breakup?
Destine: Of course!
Christi: So.....I can ask him out!!!
Destine: Whatever...
Christi: It doesn't bother you does it???
Destine: No.
Christi: K!
Christi ran 2 the living room with Destine following her.
Christi: Princeton!
Princeton: Yea?
Christi: Do u wanna go out?
Princeton: No.
Christi: K meet me at..wait....did u just say no??
Princeton: I sinabi NO!
Christi: Y?
Princeton: *pointing at Destine*
Destine spotted his eyes but then turned away quickly.
Christi: Oh yea.....but u should get over that!...
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"We met Cynthia Horny...I meant Cynthia Horner." Lol Princeton
mindless behavior
mb cam
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posted by mb_rules
-Episode 9 "Surprises"-

Me: (Calling Prince)
*1st ring 2nd ring 3rd ring 4th ring, No Answer*

//My P.O.V
He must hate me!!

//Then suddenly i received a text from him

IAmYourPrince: What do you want
KennyDra: To say soorrryyy! Nigga what you think i called for!!
IAmYourPrince: Why the heck sorry?
KennyDra: My responses to you were harsh and i wanna make it up to u
IAmYourPrince: ok can i come over to ur place
KennyDra: Sure

//At 7:00pm he showed up wearing a black suit
Prince: Hey.
Me: Hi.
Prince: I wanna take you out tonight. Everybody I know is going.
Me: I look horrible. Aint nobody got time fo dat!...
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I hope you pag-ibig this video & please put comments & please no bad comments & thank you & have a nice day!!!!!
mindless behavior
catwalk classic live
may 4 2013
roc:you were dating prod before
Keke:yea i feel so upset
Then there was a knock on the door
Keke:what u want Jada
bye the way jada is keke and roc abusive stepmom
jada:you little brat ur still being bad i see
Keke:what u want
jada:i need to talk to you (she pulled me bye my hair out of the house)
keke:owwww what u want from me
jada:u hurt (she beat me until i cried)
jacobl:is she ok
keke:no and i feel dizzy
i passed out
prod:what happend to keke
roc:our abusive step mom jada beat her until she cried
theytook her to the hospital
roc:doc is she ok
doc:no she has to wear braces and she...
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posted by Princetonlove01
(your at the recording studio)

Mia: Great Job! Now you have a photo-shoot for your album cover

(BTW Mia is mya manager)

M: okay cool ! 1 segundo my phone is ringing (you answer it)
P=Paige M=You Phone convo
P=hey it’s Paige
M=oh uy whassup ?
P=nun do you wanna come shopping with Lydia jamilah n me ?
M=bummer I got a Photo-shoot
P=Can me n the girls come PLEASEEE?
M: Mia can my mga kaibigan come to the photo-shoot ?
Mia: how many?
M: 3
Mia: okay
M=yeah you guys can come
P=okay meet you at 10
M=at diamonds bye

(END Of Phone Convo)

(at Diamonds)

(mya took about a zillion pictures and...
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