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Warning: Contains strong language.

She was a photographer. Always making things immortal with her camera. She'd never alter them on computers; Never used black and white or sepia. The picture would always be protrayed as it was...the only difference being that the image would stay there forever, encased in her little world. Her camera.

I respected that.

She lived in the apartment room just above mine, I would always have the tv on real loud, getting a lot of complaints from the other tenants but I didn't care. To hell with them. The tv blocks out every other noise that bleeds through the walls,...
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Zenith stood among-est the rubble his hair stood straight up and his eyes gave a glow of bright red the aura that surrounded him also was a bright red, Zenith inhaled. "Brother why are you doing this ?, Why do you hate me so much?" Zane laughed at his brothers tanong almost as though the answer was obvious "you were always fathers paborito Zenith this and Zenith that, what you want you got. Oh and you imprisoned me and took away my power. Now the time for talk is over brother I'm DONE listening to you pagganap like you care it's all in the past." the two brothers lunged pasulong Zane rose his...
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Watt’s contribution to engine disensyo was one of practicality and reliability. Corliss’s contribution was one of efficiency, creating engines that took advantage of every last drop of energy available to it. Because of these improvements steam engines were finally able to surpass water power in terms of economic feasibility and surge ahead to become the de factor power pinagmulan of the late 19th century.

On its surface the Corliss styled engine is very similar to its Watt’s style brethren. Steam is delivered into a large cylinder through means of a throttle valve, which is automatically...
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Had to make this. I just had to, And I may have got this subconcously got these somewere, but as far as I know there either general or made up sa pamamagitan ng me or possibly my friends. but I should start!

1. ((You sometimes us ooc during normal conversations over im))

2. you sometimes forget your name, thinking ur name is that of a character you've been useing

3. This rp club shuts down when your gone for a while

4. you stay up till 2am cuz everyones on and you don't want to miss anything even though you have to get up at 7. and: you refresh the page until there some type of response on the rp. (Credit: Southern-belle)...
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