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posted by Tayloraddict-1
On tons of clubs i see a tanong saying "Can you plz be a tagahanga of me?" Its was ok at first then i just saw it everywhere and i thought it was just getting annoying.All I see on walang tiyak na layunin is Can you plz be my fan? Just filling up my magpabago madami and madami everyday.
Ive seen people with 200 or madami fans asking Can u tagahanga me plz i really need some madami fans. Like this is not a competition to see who will get the madami fans its just life XD And you gotta earn your fans because i had to earn my fans and look at me now i have over 600 fans. I earned all of em.
Its not fair to us other fanpoppers who werked real hard to get so much fans to see whoever new person you are coming in our Fanpop family and getting wat you dont deserve.
And susunod time i see a tanong like that i dont wanna be harsh but imma say Fuck no earn ur own damn fans.
Because Fanpopers this is an overgrowing problem we need to stop plz let us sumali forces.


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Today I shall be reviewing Digimon: Our War Game. Know for all who don't know, Digimon are Digital Monsters.

Plot: Tai and Izzy learn that a Digimon is destroying the internet, so they must call upon their Digimon to stop the menace known as Diaboromon.

This is a very interesting movie. We only see Tai and Izzy, along with their Digimon, Agumon and Tentomon. However, Matt and TK ipakita up with their Digimon, Patamon and Gabumon. But this movie has great action and a wonderful plot.

Score: 5/5

Music: Though the music is the Opening of Digimon (Butter-fly) and the Evolution theme (Brave Heart), they...
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