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"If you wanna survive,you gotta fight for it!Im talking bout fight!Right here...right now."Shane
"Don't let the word spoil you."Lori
"You couldn't protect Hershel,Daryl,Beth,Maggie Glenn,Judith,or mom."Carl
"You step outside,you risk your life.You take a drink of water you risk your life.And now a days you breathe and you risk your life.Every moment you don't have a choice.The only thing you can choose is what your risking it for."Heshel
"Maggie sinabi she loves me."Glenn
"I'm sorry."Maggie
"I get it now."Beth
"You handcuffed my brother to a roof!And you left him there!"Daryl
"Anger gets you stupid.Stupid gets you killed."Michonne
"Look at the flowers."Carol
"You're my brother."Rick Grimes