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kasanayan ng tagahanga
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prince:what are you doing
me:what do you mean
prince:i can't do this
me:why not
prince:roc likes you so much
me:so the hell what
prince:i can't hurt him
me:but i can*seductivly*
prince:*kisses me*
OK so we halik for about 2 minutes
prince:why are you cheating on roc
me:because...look at you your fine as hell
prince:that's it. you like me cause im FINE
prince:get away from me
me:this is my room
prince:fine i'll leave
prince:your such a mindless hoe
me:i can't believe you just sinabi that
prince:well believe it
me:get out
prince:and im gonna tell roc
me:and bweak his little heawt*baby voice*
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