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 eyes of the Victor
eyes of the Victor
Bleach chapter 378 's out and now we can see how Ichigo saved Rukia from this dangerous battle against Yammy, Espada No.0 .

Chad and Renji have already fallen down and Rukia was gasping in the huge hands of Yammy .

Yammy told rukia that it was hard to hold her without crashing and asked how he should killed her

Rukia then fought him with her pale blue apoy spell " Sokatsui".It had little effect on Yammy

Yammy slipped rukia on purpose making her unable to get up because of his strong blow .

Ichigo appeared in the midst of the sand and told Yammy that he had grown a lot and he couln't recognize...
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The moment I saw you, I felt safe.

Because you're the only one who treats me the way I am.

I felt your warmth, when the sunlight touches.

Our relationship gets closer as we be together.

But one will leave one some other day.

And then you left this world and left me alone.

I am sad because I killed you.

I killed you because to save myself.

I met a human who looks like you.

Orange hair and hot headed but kind and caring.

I trust the man and gave him my powers.

I was forced to go back because I break the law.

The man who I knew for two months, came to recue me.

Am I that worth it?

I am not worth to spill a...
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