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nikki8green6 posted on Aug 05, 2010 at 07:19AM
Below is a list of movies & TV Shows {Episodes} that Ryan has appeared in that have already been uploaded to the screencaps section of this spot. If you're looking for a certain episode or movie just let me know and I will try and upload it..Thanks..:)

(2005) UR
Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long and Luis Guzmán are just a few of the random employees at a Bennigan's-like restaurant (called, creatively enough, Shenanigan's), killing time before their real lives get started. But while they wait, they'll have to deal with picky customers who want their steak cooked to order and enthusiastic managers who want to build the perfect wait staff. Luckily, these employees have effective revenge tactics.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder
Van Wilder: Party Liaison
(2002) UR
When Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds), a party-loving student shuffling through his seventh year in college, learns that his father won't pay for another semester, he has to figure out a way to pay for his education all by himself. He begins by hiring an assistant (Kal Penn), who helps him launch several profitable business ventures. But Van's activities also attract the attention of a skeptical student journalist (Tara Reid).

(2003) R
Kevin (Ryan Reynolds), Samantha (Kristin Booth) and Rob (Joris Jarsky) have long been playing a game called Foolproof, where they plan (but never carry out) complex heists. That changes when brutal gangster Leo shows up to case a future heist and thinks the three friends are doing the same. After taking their plans and executing the crime perfectly, Leo warns he'll accuse the group if they don't help him out with another risky job.

Smokin' Aces
(2006) R
After a sleazy Las Vegas magician (Jeremy Piven) agrees to testify against the mob, he embarks on one last hurrah in Lake Tahoe before entering protective custody. But can just one FBI agent (Ryan Reynolds) keep him safe from a slew of would-be assassins? Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman and Alicia Keys co-star in this raucous cavalcade of con men, bad guys and bounty hunters.

Buying the Cow
(2002) R
A commitment-phobe named David (Jerry O'Connell) faces the ultimate enemy: Sarah (Bridgette Wilson), his girlfriend awaiting a marriage proposal. But David believes in the age-old adage: "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" So he goes on a dating spree, frantic to prove his theory right … only to find that the best things in life, like love, are truly priceless

The In-Laws
(2003) PG-13
In this "reimagining" of the comedy classic, daredevil secret agent and father of the groom Steve Tobias (Michael Douglas) gives conservative podiatrist and father of the bride Jerry Peyser (Albert Brooks) a bad case of prenuptial jitters when they finally meet. The two men, who are soon to be matched as opposite fathers-in-law, become entangled in a secret adventure that takes them to South America just before the big wedding.

Blade: Trinity
Blade 3
(2004) UR
Recognizing that they're powerless to stop vampire hunter Blade (Wesley Snipes), the vampires who rule the human race set up Blade to look like a serial killer, immediately prompting the FBI to go after him and put him behind bars. But more trouble brews: Just as Blade realizes he's being pursued, Dracula (Dominic Purcell), the biggest bloodsucker of all time, is released, forcing Blade to enlist the help of a dream team of vampire killers

Definitely, Maybe
(2008) PG-13
Interested in knowing how her divorcing parents met, young Maya (Abigail Breslin) listens as her dad, Will (Ryan Reynolds), recounts his romantic past with three different and special women: Emily (Elizabeth Banks), April (Isla Fisher) and Summer (Rachel Weisz) -- leaving Maya to guess which one is her mom. Kevin Kline makes an appearance in writer-director Adam Brooks's tender tale of father-daughter bonding and lost love.
Below is a list of movies & TV Shows  that Ryan has appeared in that have already been uplo
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DanielSide said…
Hey Nikki My name is Dan and I just joined this site - my first fan site. I see you are quite the fan of Ryan as am I.
Okay so here is my plan and don’t laugh – even though the plan itself would probably make a good movie. I’m a Canadian writer (see, that’s my in with Ryan). I have just finished novel number six and would like Ryan to play the lead role. Using my website/blog I have been trying to attract his attention but with little success. Been trying to use humor since he is a funny guy to interest him.
With joining this site I hope to create a groundswell of fans of his to attract his attention and get him to make us all happy – because I think the role and the book for that matter would be perfect for a movie starring him.
To do this I have to: 1 attract Ryan Reynolds fans. 2 get them interested enough in my diabolical scheme to read the book. 3 Convince them that he would be perfect for the role of Jake Bennett – a loyal, brave, stubborn smart ass, and then start them storming the walls of Ryan’s secret fortress to convince him to give me a call. That’s all I have to do. Easy peasy, eh? Of course I would send a free copy of the book to those wanting to get on board.
So what do you think?
You can catch my attempts at attracting his attention at my site link
I think its all pretty exciting.