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Thankfully the Skurt's "SAM IS GAY/BISEXUAL/QUESTIONING" theory has died down to an extent. I was on gleeforum on the thread created for Sam/Quinn but everyone seems to be talking about Chord/Dianna and posting pictures of them. Now maybe I'm just weird like this, but I do NOT ship actors together. I can ship their characters but I just can't ship the actors.

Example:I can easily ship Will/Emma together but do I want Matthew and Jayma to date? No. I enjoy the relationship the charatcers have and thats enough for me.

I've also noticed that Chord, Mark, Matt and Cory will all be appearing on a...
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posted by iloveglee0
The first time Sam saw her was on the first araw of school. She was walking down the hallway. She was beautiful, gorgeous, and if Sam had been asked to picture an angel, he would have pictured a girl who looked just like her. She was wearing a white dress, and her blond hair fell in loose waves all the way down to her perfect breasts, and she held her books tight against her chest. She was walking with five other girls, and yet she looked so sad, alone.

Sam was walking with a couple other guys who were popular and on the football team, guys who had befriended him the instant he walked into the...
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“Everyone is entitled to an opinion on Sam. I think he is cute. I think he and Quinn are cute. I think that to have a man does not mean you are not independent. Quinn still has a mind of her own and in fact seems in complete control of that relationship. She is still independent BUT she is also HAPPY. No, she does not need a man to make her happy, but Sam does so why turn into amateur philosophers about it?! She is with Sam. He makes her happy. End of story till something else happens.”

^ To who ever wrote this, THANK YOU! You hit it right on the nail with this comment. Sam makes Quinn so...
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posted by QFabray777
Me and PinkBreanna had noticed a lack of fanfiction for SQ. So to hopefully up our numbers, we've decided to hold a friendly competition. The prizes are listed below. The deadline is November 22, 2010.

First Place
-SQ Youtube video dedicated to you, you will get to pick the song used.
-A major character in my newest fanfiction will be named after the winner and will feature a prominent role
-I will personally recommend your fanfiction to the SQ fans over at gleeforum.
-A banner made specifically for you sa pamamagitan ng PinkBreanna

Second Place
-I will dedicate my newest chapter of my fanfiction to you.
-I will...
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Glee’s Chord Overstreet Talks About His Giant Mouth, and Attempts a ‘That’s What She Said’ Joke

There’s no new Glee episode on tonight (just a repeat of “Hairography”), but why not take time during this lull to get to know the newest New Direction? Chord Overstreet has only starred in two episodes thus far, but as Sam, he has already dealt with jabs about his extra-wide grin and Bieber-esque hairdo, fended off rampant rumors about being Kurt’s gay pag-ibig interest, and read a slew of bad pickup lines with great lack of finesse. susunod week he’ll add the donning of ginto lamé shorts...
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posted by iloveglee0
"Hey, is Quinn here?"

Judy opened the door wider. "Yes she is." She smiled at the cute blond boy standing on the front step, and then turned away, calling up the stairs, "Quinnie, you've got a visitor!"

"Tell Puck I sinabi to go away!" Quinn shouted back.

"It's not Puck, sweetheart. It's a cute boy named..." Judy turned back to Sam, lowering her voice. "What's your name?"

"Sam Evans, Mrs. Fabray."

"Okay. It's a blond boy named Sam Evans, Quinnie!"

"OH!" Suddenly, there was a thump on the floor above that sounded like Quinn fell off her bed, and then there was loud clattering on the stairs, and suddenly...
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posted by samandquinnvm05
On November 30, Glee fans can start their pasko shopping with the ideal medyas stuffer: Glee: The Music, Volume 4.

But they don't need to wait that long to find out what tracks will be included on the album. The song listahan was revealed this week and is comprised of:
Empire State Of Mind
Me Against The Music
The Only Exception
I Want To Hold Your Hand
One Of Us
River Deep, Mountain High
One Love
Teenage Dream
Forget You (sung sa pamamagitan ng Gwyneth Paltrow!)
Marry You
Just The Way You Are
(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life

I'm really hoping Sam sings Just The Way You Are, I freaking pag-ibig that song :)
posted by ChaaseJaayEvans
I need Sam to sing Pink's Perfect to Quinn. Because after seeing how low her self-esteem is after he left her, I just feel like she needs to hear this from him.
Because after hearing Boyce Avenues version of this song all I can think was: Wow that is the perfect song for Sam to sing to Quinn. Quinn at the moment doesn’t really like herself after Sam broke up with her. I think it would be sweet if Sam sang this to make Quinn feel better about herself.

Made a wrong turn
Once or twice
Dug my way out
Blood and fire
Bad decisions
That’s alright
Welcome to my silly life
Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood...
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Sir. Evans and Lady Quinn

“It wont come off.” Sam whined helplessly.

Quinn smiled as she watched the frustrated teen struggle to free himself from the costume. “Uh, yeah, I kind of figured that when I over heard you and Mr. Pacman, here, having a good makaluma wrestling match. sa pamamagitan ng the looks of things, I'd say he won,” placing a gentle hand on Sam's shoulder. Quinn placed both her hands on either side of the costume, and pulled, hard. “You had quite the struggle, huh?”

“I wasn't struggling.” Sam protested, while lifting both his arms up into the air.

“Right,”Quinn scoffed,...
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Sir. Evans and Lady Quinn

She wasn't exactly sure what she was doing here in the first place. Seriously, this wasn't even her sort of thing. She should be at tahanan watching The Shining and stuffing her face full of Halloween candy. How on God's green Earth did Sam manage to convince her to do this in the first place? Speaking of sinabi floppy haired cutie. There he was dressed up in what can only be considered the segundo most nerdiest costumes she had seen all day. segundo only to those ridicules World of War Craft costumes he convinced her to try on earlier. Seriously, she's freaking Quinn Fabray,...
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posted by QFabray777
uy Quams,
I got some really bad news.
F--cking Ryan Murphy and his constant inconsistency. RM just confirmed that Sam and Quinn will break up and on the Valentines araw episode. He also sinabi that Sam would hook up with Santana and Quinn with Finn.

I am personally outraged at the show. This ipakita has pissed me off with its constant inconsistency. And you want to know RM's reason for breaking them? "They were too perfect."

Plus, my OTP on Degrassi is falling apart because the girl might actually be a lesbian.

I came back to SQ to get comfort from seeing an awful Degrassi promo but bad luck seems to...
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posted by QFabray777
uy everyone, I just discovered that Sam and Quinn made the Best TV Couples Of 2010 and were the ONLY Glee couple to make it (Take that!) and they only have %5 of the votes! Heres the link to the artikulo so we can hopefully try and ipakita our pride for Sam and Quinn :)


Extra Note:I discovered this link on the Sam and Quinn Tumblr page.

Also, I've heard SQ spoilers about the V-Day episode. I'm thinking that the rumors could be false because I've heard LOTS of absurd Sam and Quinn rumors;

1)Puck giving Sam a black eye.
2)Sam coming out as gay
3)Sam and Santana kissing
4)The entire SPIN THE BOTTLE...
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posted by QFabray777
Well Fabrevans shippers, it has been a long wait and we have spent many weeks worrying our heads off about Sam's sexuality and rumors. But, right now, I am not concerned.


At first I was a little pissed that we were taking a backseat to Finnchel, AGAIN. But after I saw how pissed Finn was at Rachel, I realized that something good could come out this. Its pretty obivious that the susunod few episodes will be very Finnchel centric with Rachel trying to win Finn back, I suppose. Which means that we'll have less drama for us. Even in the background SQ are adorable.

I am happy to say that I think we have found allies with the Puckleberrys. Most Puckleberrys I know ship SQ. I think we could also convince the Klaines if we tried. Because obiviously the Klaines don't want Skurt and we certaintly don't want Skurt. A few Skurt fans have turned SQ which makes me very pleased :)
Okay, so don't take everything that I have to say as absolute fact. This is me just stating my opinion, I could be wrong. But anyway, here are my predictions for what I think might happen in episode 2x06 Never Been Kissed.

Okay, so based on spoilers I can assume that this episode is going to be centered around Kurt. Which is awesome, because I do actually like his character, even though he can get a little overbearing sometimes (just like Rachel, who is also a paborito of mine). Judging sa pamamagitan ng spoilers this episode is going to be about Kurt being harassed and bullied at school for his sexual preference....
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Expect to see a Glee pasko album this year. CNN confirms that soro will be releasing a pasko holiday soundtrack, with the Glee cast covering 12 of your paborito holiday songs. Among the ones that may be covered are “Jungle Bells,” “The Most Wonderful araw of the Year,” and “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.”

The album is expected to do great numbers, as madami than 15 million songs have been digitally downloaded and madami than 5 million albums have been sold. Although Columbia Records didn’t release the tracks yet, reported the 12-song listahan to be...

1. "We Need a Little...
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What's coming up on Glee's November 9 episode that is so big and top-secret that creator Ryan Murphy sat the whole cast down to tell them to keep their mouths shut? We'll find out mid-way through this Kurt-centric episode, titled "Never Been Kissed."

"It's so big that we had a full meeting about it that we can't say anything," says Chris Colfer (Kurt). "That's never happened before. I will say it's about Kurt."

When he read the reveal in his script, Chris went through a rollercoaster of feelings. "At first I was very surprised," he says, "And then I thought, 'This is so terrific.' It's going...
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What's coming up on Glee's November 9 episode that is so big and top-secret that creator Ryan Murphy sat the whole cast down to tell them to keep their mouths shut? We'll find out mid-way through this Kurt-centric episode, titled "Never Been Kissed."

"It's so big that we had a full meeting about it that we can't say anything," says Chris Colfer (Kurt). "That's never happened before. I will say it's about Kurt."

When he read the reveal in his script, Chris went through a rollercoaster of feelings. "At first I was very surprised," he says, "And then I thought, 'This is so terrific.' It's going...
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Chord talks Sam&Quinn, Sallingstreet and more
Chord interview with The TV Chick
"One of the madami kamakailan additions to the cast is Sam, a new Glee club member and football teammate of Finn and Puck. I actually pag-ibig his new potential relationship with Quinn, and the maturity he showed about Kurt’s crush in the last episode. I recently had the chance to chat with Chord Overstreet, who plays newcomer Sam Evans. We talked about his duet with Quinn, his tendency to take off his shirt, and he even did some impressions for me."

How did you originally get the part of Sam? What was the audition process...
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posted by QFabray777
Alright, I have sat through THOUSANDS of Skurts theorizing the many ways that Sam will realize his feelings for Kurt and I've finally been driven over the edge. No spoilers have been posted about Blaire yet but the Skurts seem to think that just because Darren has signed for three episodes, it means FOR SURE that Sam will realize his feelings for Kurt and they'll hook up. They don't SPECULATE, they CLAIM its coming and this is worrisome. Then the Skurts actually had the nerve to create an entire thread dedicated to hints of Sam being gay. Many ridiculous hints they posted:

-Sam is a name for...
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posted by QFabray777
 The image of Sam licking his lips during Le Jazz Hot
The image of Sam licking his lips during Le Jazz Hot
This review is not meant to bash the pairing of Sam and Kurt. I truly believe that people can ship whoever they want together but the Skurts are taking this too far. I have visited forums where they frequently attack our ship and on the "Lor Menari Livejournal" I stumbled upon a fiction of Sam using Quinn as a gay beard. Then I go onto Glee Wiki and find THIS

"Several characters mentioned suspecting Sam is gay, including Kurt, Mercedes, and Quinn.

When Quinn then asks about this, Sam deny's but does not look at her while answering. Sam looks to his left, which is sinabi to be where you look when...
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