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Source: Shadows1andONLYgirl
*At Beach*

Ember : That was SUPER weird.

Julie : Tell me about it.

Niki : *Hears something*

Cosmo : NIKI!!!

Niki : *Turns around* Cosmo! *Runs up 2 her*

Cosmo : I've been looking for you.

Niki : Well,
What is it?

Cosmo : Did something strange happen 2 Ember 2day?

Niki : Well she practicly passed-out.

Cosmo : Just as I feared...

Niki : What?

Cosmo : I felt something in my Ammulet.

Niki : You mean.....?

Cosmo : I'm afraid so...

Niki : *Turns her head 2 see Ember* But does she know herself?

Cosmo : Perhapes not.

Niki : Hmm...

Cosmo : Well I'm gonna go surf with Julie. Wish us luck.

Niki : Like I never do.

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*1:00 AM*

*Girls are asleep*

Ember : *Opens eyes* Huh?.........I guess I need 2 get my head straight.....*Goes back 2 sleep*

*9:30 AM*

Julie : Come on' guys!!!

Ember : Comein' Julie

Niki : *Puts on hat* Wait up Julie!!! *Runs 2 front-Door*

Ember : *Gets sando on* *Runs 2 Front-Door*

Julie : *Closes door and locks it*

*on the way 2 the beach*

Ember : Ha Ha Ha!!! Really Julie?

Julie : Only after a few madami times I will enter!

Niki : Good luck with that.

Julie : *Shakes head* So like...The guy gave you his bracelet last night. How romantic!!!

Niki : Don't jump 2 conclusions Julie.

Ember : Right. I bareley know...
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and article-scene
and song
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Our song.
and song
A scene picture from the artikulo "Ember The Hedgie" is being drawn sa pamamagitan ng youtube "Shadows1andONLYgirl"
and article-scene
posted by Cream_Rabbit8
Ember : Listen Niki I don't think I know who he is but I swear I think I know.

Niki : Have you SEEN this guy before?

Ember : I thought I have he just looks familiar.

Julie : Well maybe he's an old-friend that you don't remember.

Ember : it kinda feels like it...

Niki : Maybe at the tabing-dagat today you'll feel a whole lot better.

Ember : Your right Niki I need to relax I've been jumpy about it ever since I saw him at the CD store.

Julie : Yeah. I know it's hard to be all jittery over the guy if he seems like someone you know.

Ember : Hmm...

*At the beach*

Julie : I'm gonna go surfing.

Niki : Good luck! Were...
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