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posted by kate-the-alpha
I song start and garth waits a while* garth:okay here it goes im here with my ex i know i'll kick her asno because i did her in the kama but she sinabi i was going to hard but i didn't care i kept fucking her and i busted a nut and danm u were tight
The host takes the microphone*host:okay times up who likes kate better *the whole crowd goes wild*okay for garth *no one says anything* KATE WON *kaye smiles and goes to her mga kaibigan house hes name was omega for a reason* uy omega u tahanan

~Kate the alpha sighning out
*to be continued*
posted by kate-the-alpha
It was a dark night in jasper but one wolve was up and hes name was*
Kate: shadow hows is going with that song *hugs him*
Shadow:its going good babe
Kate:thats good o and the rap battle is right now so i gtg *kisses him and drives in her mabangis na kabayo to a secert base and shadow knows were it is*
The host:hey here comes the champion of rap lets here it for kate *the crowd cheers* the host:okay lets get started kate ur going against garth
Kate rolls her eyes* kate:garth didn't i kick ur asno last time
Garth:garth yeah but im back to kick ur's
I song starts*
Kate waits a while* kate: okay im here with...
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"Shadow!" Kate screamed in pleasure in the night sky as she finally had her orgasm. Her liquids burst out of her entrance and completely soaked Shadow's lobo and his lower fur, and the liquids flowed down her legs, creating small puddles of the sweet smelling pheromones. The rest of her liquids couldn't escape as Shadow's member was blocking the way. Shadow panted heavily at Kate's orgasm, drops of his drool falling onto her back. The smell of her natural lubricants was so strong that he didn't even need to breathe to smell her sweet scent as it just went up his nose.

Shadow was on the brink...
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Shadow released her tongue and pulled his head from the halik and sped up his pumping. His knot was almost double its size and yet it continued to grow inside of Kate filling her up. "Harder…s-shadow…Faster…D-Deeper" Kate moaned out. Her wish was his command as he pushed deeper and increased the speed he was ramming her pelvis at. Kate's mind got sent into a daze, and now she arched her back inwards, extended her forelegs, pressed her chest and lowered her head against the ground and raised her butt higher, giving Shadow madami access to her.

Eve and Winston

They had been walking for about...
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Kate never thought Shadow was this big. He was no alpha, but his member seemed much bigger than an alpha's would be…because he was much better than an alpha, but yet no one knew about it, but she loved that he was bigger than she expected because it meant madami pleasure. "So big…So good" Kate moaned as she felt Shadow's member grow inside her. For a moment she thought he was too big for her and Shadow thought she was small for him, but that just made the experience for the both of them even better.

She stretched her forelegs pasulong and started pushing against Shadow's member, making the...
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Shadow gave her one last lick on her cheek and pulled back. "Thank you Kate" he replied. Shadow started moving at a slow pace, so that Kate could get used to it. She let out a few madami whimpers as she felt his member stretch her insides. Shadow continued pumping into her at a slow pace. She was unbelievably tight, and Shadow wondered if he was too big for her, but that changed when she made another whimper, but this time out of pleasure. Shadow heard it this time. "Feeling better?" he asked. "Y-Yes" Kate moaned out. The pain had finally subsided and Kate started to feel the pleasure she was...
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posted by shadow-omega
"as we both rolling down the burol claw and biting each other, we get to the bottom of the burol as kates back hits a tree, as i almost hit before i changed into smoke and reapered and standing up, I turn around so im looking at get seeing that she got up, i growl rly fvking deeply at her, has i part of my body glow blood red, not blue this"
Me:mind on telling me what are u trying to do there
"Kate didn't say any but pin me down almost claw, but gets ttackled sa pamamagitan ng jackson and dark, as delta helps me up"
Jackson and dark:can we kill her!!?
"I look at her seeing that she whimpering in fear"
Me:let her go
"Jackson and dark let u and Jackson, dark, delta, and me just watch u run as fvking as u can"
Delta:guys we got to go she gonna come bk with madami wolves
Me:sure lets get bk to the shadow forest
"Scents i have the power of lighting i can make it rain to,"
*it starts raining so our scents cant be found*

"To he continued"
Shadow didn't stop licking until her orgasm ended, which was a few segundos later. Kate could finally slow her breathing down as her head collapsed onto his stomach. Shadow licked up all the juices that were on his face. "You tasted amazing Kate" he sinabi with a smile as he finished licking all of her juices. "Thank you Shadow" she sinabi as she regained her breath. "You know there's one madami part to your gift" she sinabi as she got up and faced him. "There is?" Shadow said. Kate smiled and walked past him. Shadow got up on all fours, with his shaft dangling between his legs.

Kate had her rear to...
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Shadow saw her waiting slit right above him but he couldn't ilipat his head or use his paws to bring her down because she was doing such a good job that he didn't feel like moving. "Kate…I-I'm getting c-close" Shadow said. Kate sped up when she heard this, going at maximum speed. And after a few madami seconds, Shadow released his load into her mouth. A wave of his semen flowed into Kate's mouth and she gladly swallowed up what she could take. "Mmmm…nice and salty Shadow …you taste delicious" Kate sinabi as she licked her muzzle clean.

"Now it's my turn to see how you taste" Shadow sinabi and...
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Kate continued to lick his member until it was all the way out. She loved the taste of him. She took a long, deep smell of his lower area. That musky smell of his made her want him even more. She then continued to lick his fully erect member. Shadow couldn't believe what was happening. He loved the feeling of her tongue licking his member, but it was about to get a whole lot better.

Shadow made a loud gasp as he felt Kate take his member into her mouth, and she began sucking on it, bobbing her head up and down. She placed her paws on the side of his hips to hold him in place. Shadow was feeling...
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He stopped moving back and just looked straight at her, not taking his eyes off her. She knew that would catch his attention. She washed herself extra today because she wanted to look good for this moment. She then started walking towards him. She gently pushed him onto his back and climbed on tuktok of him. This knocked shadow out of his trance. "Kate, are you sure about this, cause if you're not we could…" he couldn't finish because he whimpered when Kate pressed her body against his.

Her balahibo was extremely soft. It felt like a cloud, actually even softer. He always felt this whole new feeling...
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posted by shadow-omega
"This takes me bk when I lived in the shadow forest, I was Pisst of at Jack looking inside the saw-tooth-cave, even I didn't Rly care about it, but it we get killed in our sleep u know who's fault it is"
Me:c'mon dark
Dark:were are we going?
Me:just follow me
*at the same time the scar I have getting scared with lighting, before the out rage happens*
Me:nvm I can do this alone
Dark:ok then
*hours later I'm in western pack territory, seeing the mountains, so I start before it happens*
"I could see the mga lobo coming after, I laugh creepy, and I changed in smoke, then jumping on one of...
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added by shadow353
posted by kate-the-alpha
*Kate was siting on a cliff when suddenly humans came and started killing mga lobo then a nuke goes off and shadow and me hide in a cave until it is done the whole world was on apoy demons came out of the cracks but then everything went white me and shadow were in heaven*

lobo god:hello kate and shadow
Shadow:um hi
lobo god:u two have been chosen too kill the demons that walk the earth

*Shadow and kate's faces were shocked*
Me:okay so how do we kill the demons
lobo god:in time i will tell u but today u will sleep because u have a hard araw tomorrow *next thing they new they were in a house and fast asleep too*

~Kate-the-alpha signing out
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