I'm Pagsulat a sitcom and I need some catchphrases for my characters.

Chaacters catchpharses
Jesse age 24 need 1 catchpharse just after he halik girls.
Chandler age 30 need 1 neat freak catchpharse
Joey age 30 need a catchpharse just after he told a joke
Darcy age 13 needs a catchpharse when she gets a crush on a boy.
Ashley age 10 needs 2 cheeky and funny catchpharses.
Stephanie age 8 needs 1 catchpharse when someone is rude to her
Kaitlyn age 5 needs 3 cute, funny and cheeky catchpharses
Lilly age 4 needs 8 cute, cheeky, funny catchpharse.
Thank you
 itsrik posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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