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So after 13 days we have our listahan of the beautiful, the steamy, the delicious, hottest girls in Smallville! Here are the Results!

Girls results:

14: Nancy - first eliminated is sheriff Nancy, ipinapakita that wrinkles are her downfall.

13: Linda - needs to get rid of her bobble head look.

12: Martha - looking good for her age at number twelve.

11: Tyler - a fierce look got her to eleven.

On to the tuktok ten!

10: Mia- can make even hookers look great!

09: Dinah - pulling off short blonde hair and a long dark wig is Dinah at nine.

08: Abby - plastic makes perfect with...
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Clark have always loved Lana since he was a kid, but he never really knew her he loved from a far, and loving someone from a far is nor the same when you get to know them because loving somebody from miles way and just watching their finer moment is not really knowing them, you might pag-ibig their smile or their politeness but you don't really know what they are thinking or see their real colors.

And Clark loved Lana from miles for years, without really knowing her or even having an actual conversation with her, he loved her because she was the girl susunod door the good girl who always those the...
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Clark's relationships are primarily defined sa pamamagitan ng who he chooses to trust with his true Kryptonian origins. His personal conflict with his destiny has a direct effect on all of his romantic and friendly relationships.

Clark and Lana – Details on their complicated romantic relationship.
Clark and Chloe – Details on their strong platonic friendship.
Clark, Lana and Chloe – Details on the unrequited pag-ibig tatsulok the three had in high school.
Clark and Pete – Details on their long-standing brotherly friendship.
Clark, Lex and Lana – Details on the complex romantic tatsulok that has developed as they have gotten older.
Clark and Lex – Details on their complex early friendship and current animosity.
Clark and Lois – Details on their relationship and what it means for their future.
Clark and Oliver – Details on their heroic friendship.
Clark and Alicia - Details on their tragic romance.
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Lachlan Luthor (b. 1916) was the father of Lionel Luthor. He and his wife lived in Suicide Slums and he scraped sa pamamagitan ng doing petty crime. In 1961, he was hired sa pamamagitan ng Sheriff Billy Tate to kill a mysterious stranger, Joe the Drifter, but instead killed Louise McCallum. However, he was never convicted of the crime because Tate had to prevent anyone from finding out his involvement. Lachlan and Eliza were killed in a tenement fire. It was later revealed that Lionel Luthor and morgan Edge set the apoy in order to collect the couple's insurance money.
Eliza Luthor (maiden name Meehan) was Lachlan's wife...
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When I first heard about Smallville, I was very hesitant to give the ipakita a chance. A ipakita that took place before Clark Kent became Superman seemed like a big step in the wrong direction. I feared it would be the most underwhelming Superman ipakita ever, so I avoided it for over a decade.

After giving the ipakita a chance, I can say that I'm happy to be proven wrong. If anything, I feel regret over not giving Smallville a fair chance when I first heard about it.

Smallville is a ipakita that takes place when Clark Kent is a high schooler. He has superpowers, but he doesn't yet know how to control them....
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