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amy and shadow where talking on the couch
shadow:you talk to much
shadow leaned in to halik amy
just then,someone was at the door
amy:i'll get it
amy opens the door
sonic was standing there
sonic:i need too talk to you,amy
amy closes the door[she is outside]
amy:[folding her arms]what
sonic:amy,i swear nothing happened,that's from when we were dating
amy:then why was it on your desk
sonic:i sat it there until i threw it away
amy:you threw it away
sonic:yes,i swear
amy:somehow,i believe you
sonic:that's my girl
amy:actually,i'm not your girl
sonic:what do you mean
amy:i'm with shadow,but we can be friends
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sally:good morning
shadow was still asleep on the beach
shadow woke up
shadow:[yawning]good morning
sally gave him a good morning kiss
sally:i better get home,cream was going to come see me
shadow:i'll ride you home
as they were riding home,sally saw someone on the side of the was sonic and amy
sally:look,there's our x's
shadow:i don't care
sally:yes you do,i can see it in your eyes
sally:maybe you did like amy
shadow:i don't want to talk about it
sally:hmmm...did she pag-ibig you
shadow wouldn't answer
sally:what made her special
shadow still wouldn't answer
sally:were you...
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